A Healing inner Journey for this firey new moon

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Happy New Moon my friends!! Wow this moon cycle feels like it may be a doozy. Mars goes retrograde and we are in the fire sign of Leo. Things are on fire, they are burning away, disintegrating the old bits that no longer belong. Embrace the fire, the burning away and allow the cleansing and purification to occur. This is one powerful moon cycle!

On this moon, as I write this I am sick!! My nose is so stuffed up, and yes I got COVID tested even though our numbers are low here in Manitoba. Deep down, I don’t feel COVID, I feel its’ finally the breakthrough, and break-up for some stuck energy I have held in my ears and my neck/ throat chakra.

I know it was congestion, energetic congestion, blockages between my head and hearing my heart. My body has been real loud with messages, emotional nudges, and spiritual guidance. And the difference is, I have been making space to hear my body. I have been making space of Spirit to communicate to me through the wisdom of my body…my aches/infections and even my emotions.

I have been working on my throat chakra this year and this feels like a real energetic and powerful cleanse of my system, of my neck area and throat chakra. I have more peace in using my voice, there’s less fear, less resistance…more excitement, more fun, more trust and more NEED! I invite you to an inner healing journey with me to clear the muck, the rubble, the energetic blocks from our own greatness and wellness.


Take a moment and breathe. Take another deep breath and then another. Here we are on this fiery new moon. Close your eyes and just feel your body. Let your awareness travel down your body and starting from the top of your head, all the way down your face and your neck, paying attention to your shoulders, chest and stomach. Just notice any areas of tension, tightness or discomfort. Keep going all the way down your hips, your pelvis, your knees and down to your feet.

Bring your attention to any area of tension that called to you. Just notice the sensations. What would the congestion and blockage look like if it were an image or object…?? Just notice that image and take a mental note. Now I want you to imagine that you are standing in front of a magical, blue colored fire. You can smell sage and sweet grass burning in the air. You can feel the summer breeze blow through your hair as you feel the heat and power of this healing fire! This is a healing portal, a place where you can burn off resistance and blocks that are lingering in your aura. Pay special attention to that place of resistance you noticed in your body and step into this magical fire. Notice how it doesn’t burn you but only all pieces that are not really of you. Let it burn away the rocky formation of fear. Let it burn away doubt and residual hurt. Let the fire burn away the heavy energy and feel your aura become lighter as the heavy, congested, stuck parts fall off and disintegrate into ashes and fall into the healing flames.

When you feel ready step out of the fire and out towards the two ancient, healing and loving grandmothers on each side of a special blanket on the ground. Lay down on the blanket and let the wise and loving grandmothers, sweep away any ashes and debris. Let them wash you and soothe you in cedar and sage infused waters sweeping you with leafy branches and cleansing your energy. Let them patch up and apply some healing salve on those areas where the gunk fell off. Let them soothe the energetic holes and repair it with their healing touch and wisdom. Let them bless your heart and remind you how amazing the Universe and Creation really is. Feel the love offered from them to you and let it ooze into all parts of your body. You may even feel tearful because it is so powerful.

If you have a question for these grandmothers, ask them and let them offer you a powerful and healing response. As they finish cleansing your energy field, you rise and gift them with an item. You leave it on the blanket for them and bow in gratitude.

As you get up, you see a trail and walk towards the dark moon in the sky…until you are ready to return to the here and now gently, peacefully and comfortably. Gently move your fingers, hands and feet and journal about your healing journey.

And so it is my friends



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