The Gift of Friction


It’s there…rubbing the edges of my soul. Irritating something within me so Spirit gets my attention. I’ve come across a discord, a spot and area in my life that feels prickly and slightly uncomfortable . My work is going to shift soon, I can feel it. I’m not sure into what or where but there’s something. Change is on the horizon because something is feeling really off. Something isn’t feeling right. This is a message. This is a sign post. This is Truth coming in and singing her song.

So I sit and invite the Friction and discord to sit beside me. I give friction an offering, and bow in gratitude and a small stone for sitting with me and gifting me with the energy of irritation so that action, movement, transformation and change can take place. I ask Friction and discord to guide me and share with me the why of their presence so I may hear the call inward.

“Your vibration has changed, and it no longer fits here,” she says. “It’s like trying to put together puzzle pieces that will never fit together. You are no longer the same person when you started and it no longer fits. You no longer need the energy this offered. It’s given its gift. What a blessing, what a gift.”

So I ask you friction, what now? What do I do?

“Trust… continue to be guided. Let your body and soul lead you.”

“Ask for signs and follow the arrows that show up. Put forth some questions, put forth some ideas and see where the chips fall. Trust in the message we have shown you. Thank you for listening .”

So as I navigate and understand the gift of friction in my life… I also harness the grounding energy of inner knowing and inner trust. I embody and repeat the mantra of…I choose peace and calm. I choose trust and faith. I choose to surrender into the flow and magic of life. I choose deep faith and inner knowing that I am being led and guided. Allow the discomfort to be triumphant. Embrace the message .

How do you experience friction in your life ? Can you invite it to sit with you and see where she takes you? What gift and message is she telling you on behalf of your spirit? What know does she have that your soul is seeing to speak? What does the Universe want you to know?

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