Learn how to connect to your alive, wild, feminine soul!

Hello my friends!!

I wanted to take a moment to talk about our natural state, our original, wild and feminine soul… our original natures. When we are aligned in mind, body, heart and soul we can feel that! We feel calm and centered, yet vibrant and alive. We are curious, courageous…grounded and yet expansive. We feel full and fulfilled. At our soul roots we are confident, brave and trusting in ourselves and the Universe at large. That is who we really are! Then…life happens and we get wounded. Life and trauma, loss, grief, hurt, betrayal, rejection, humiliation, and abandonment spin us into alter personas and selves. We don’t know how to handle the hurt so we adopt masks that gift us with a temporary band-aid. We become what is supported, what is celebrated, what is stroked with love and acceptance and often…what is not us in our truest natures.

For me I became a perfectionist. I had to be the the best everything for me to feel good enough. If I wasn’t, I’d fall into a giant pit of despair and even panic because I thought it would make unloveable. I equated my external success with my worth. I often didn’t feel seen and so I tried to get accolades by excelling as a athlete, being a top student, working, being thin… I depended on the external validation like a drug I desperately needed to feel good enough because I did not believe it in my own heart and soul. I didn’t feel like enough. I didn’t feel worthy.

What I didn’t know then was that I had lost connection to my original, wild and sacred feminine nature. I lived in a world that did not talk about keeping connection to my heart, to my body or my feminine soul. I didn’t learn about the Sacred Feminine and they holiness of my sacred body. I lived in a culture that celebrated success at the cost of it all, even abandonment and betrayal of my own body for the external win. I didn’t know how to verbalize the act of having to abandon my own feminine self just so I could “fit in” and be celebrated as successful or what I thought as worthy. I didn’t know the words to express my craving to learn the ways of the Sacred feminine – learning how to be in and experience my soul guiding body, listening to my intelligent emotions as messengers or how to connect to the Divine from an embodied experience. Eventually a developed an eating disorder that unconsciously expressed this all. The ED was a metaphor, an unconscious expression of my starving, caged, wild, and feminine soul crying out for release from the inner cage.

Join me on my Facebook Page @radiantskinbodyheartsoul at 8pm central as I go live and share with you a life changing teaching and expand on the concepts above. Join me as I guide you How to tap into your own feminine and wild soul. See you then! And of course I’d love for you to follow my blog to see my many upcoming wild and feminine, soul connecting, mind-body uniting teachings . And so it is ! See you tonight I hope 🙋🏻‍♀️💕🌺

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