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Happy New Moon my friends. This is the second new moon in the Cancer Zodiac sign. And boy, it sure is an interesting energy. This moon I feel a bit cranky and maybe you do too. Our relationships are and emotional “stuff” connected to relationships are still circling around this Cancer moon, the second time around. I have several relationships lately that are strained, my old ways of existing in them are no longer working for me and so they are in chaos and upheaval, conflict and even discord. And I’m pissy about it.

I too have been contemplating life a lot (haven’t we all with this Covid reality) and I’m just really truly on the cusp of brand new life existence or at least wanting a new form of doing life. I feel like shooting a magic, glitter cannon into all parts of my life…my parenting, my work, my marriage (especially) and my social life. I want to savour it all far more, I want to restructure it all in new ways and new forms, and new priorities that feel soul nourishing, that feel alive, the make it all joyful and fulfilling. I’ve aimed the cannon…ready to shoot it at my life but I’m still playing with the reality of how these changes will take shape! I have no idea what new forms are lurking around, stalking my psyche, waiting to be expressed… but it feels radical and exciting. I really want to blow the old ways up and enjoy life for what it is…in the moment and stop living in ways that I feel I have outgrown or no longer support my heart and soul needs. We are truly in an awakening.

It’s the simple things on this new moon we can do to tend to our emotional bodies and emoting souls. This simplicity is radically changing and soul expanding if we allow it. It’s going for more walks just to call in the nature, and the calm, and the peace into our souls. It’s leaving the dishes to go play outside with the kids. It’s looking at the clouds in wonder and seeing a message from our loved ones. It’s regularly pausing and feeling the energy of you life, your home and your work. Literally stop, close your eyes and feel the energy in the space you are now. What does it feel like? What does it need? What can you do? I smudged my whole house today because the energy, the stagnation, the old vibration needs to be shaken up and shaken loose. Broken up into new particles…this is the awakening of new energy. This is the awakening of new life.


So I ask you to contemplate as we point our magical, glitter cannons to our lives and explore…what areas of my life that are needing peace..and why might that be? What can I do or what actions do I need to take to invoke that peace? What would magic and love, and life tell me about this scenario?

This goes for our relationships too. Why aren’t they peaceful? For me I have a lot of anger in some of my relationships and as much as I want to point the finger and blame those who have hurt me, I keep coming to the root of the anger…I’m mad at myself for tolerating it for so long. I’m mad at myself for staying in friendships/relationships that were anything but uplifting or equal, or simply exist in energies of taking and NON-reciprocal giving.

How can you radically change some of your relationships?

And so it is…

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  1. OMG! I totally get what you are saying. I feel like I’m cracking open and a new version of myself is coming out. Shes bolder, stronger and badass. I too am pissed at myself for putting up with other people’s crap for this long. I’m sick of holding myself down so I don’t rock the boat. Thanks for the great post. 😊❤

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