Happy full moon and eclipse!! Holy smokes…the energy is very intense at this time. This month and moon are resurrecting the memories of old wounds, even new layers, new depths of learning that these self-growth (wounds) portals offer. It has dropped me to my knees several times this month. I have had to spend a full day just allowing the sobs to come as the emotions stopped me in my tracks with can’t breathe style anxiety until I let the release and the tears happen. I didn’t even know what I was feeling or why until I got still and let it reveal itself to me.

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Our inner child, our inner little girls have been summoned during this time to offer us a chance to dive deeper in our healing. They need to express, they need a portal to voice and release old stuff that has chained our throat chakras shut. The need to move the energy out of our bodies and into the ethers to be transformed. Our bodies need this of us as well.

In the intensity I invite you to find the Sacred, the Love, the union of you and your inner child. This is a time of holding her, of holding your heart, of offering healing energy to oneself and to her. It’s a time of sitting with her beside the lake or ocean or even a fire and talking to her. What does she need from you? Imagine your inner child. What age is she? What occurred around that time? What can you offer her that she didn’t receive then.

For me, my inner child has been needing to VOICE, to EXPRESS, to UNLOAD another layer of deep emotions she still held inside. I have this deep push, this inner guidance, this nudging to SHRIEK and scream my anger out. She needs the outlet. And not just once, almost every time I drive I scream as loud as I can. I think of her and call it out, I shriek sometimes low pitched and rugged rage, other times it’s more high pitched and tearful howls. Whatever form it needs, it comes. Slowly and surely the tension and energetic knots in my throat loosen. I still have a lot of releasing and expressing to do,

3 Ways to Connect to Your Inner Child on this Powerful & Healing Full Moon

  1. Here’s a lovely INNER CHILD MEDITATION to connect to this Radiant inner part of you.

2. Grab a large piece of paper. Connect to that Inner Child within and explore what emotions are lingering there. Create some Graffiti on the page with words, scribbles, colors, images, symbols etc. that help your inner child release their long held pain within. Use your non dominant hand for tapping into the inner child even more. Just go with what comes.

3. Dance with your inner child by placing both hands on your heart. Close your eyes and hold your heart, and your innocence, your inner child and dance, a slow, gentle dance. Let yourself and inner child sway together, holding each other in unity. Here’s a great song to use. Or this one here too.

This full moon…this month…this time in history is where your life will change. You are releasing these deep old lingering beliefs and inviting in the energy of life and love. You are going to create a new life, a new way of being and living and world with the healing you are doing. It is very intense and yet profoundly powerful. We need to do this shadow work to shine brighter.

I honour you and your contribution to changing our world by doing your healing. I profoundly honour you and raise my prayer hands to you and your inner child. And it is so.

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