How You Can Help The Universe Send You Abundance

A few years ago, my husband bought me a beautiful black, intricately beaded pair of Manitoba Mukluks for my birthday. At the time I was was having some health issues and off of work so our income was lower than usual. When I unwrapped them, I immediately got a sick feeling in my stomach. How could he buy me these? Didn’t he know how much they cost? How can I return them without offending him?

I had an unconscious belief that I should only give, not receive especially since I wasn’t making much money at the time. I did not allow myself to receive beauty, love or abundance because unconsciously I didn’t think I deserved it. I did not have a relationship with receiving, I had cut it off. Without knowing it, I didn’t feel worthy. I didn’t equate myself on the same level as others in my family. I thought they should receive and take first, that they should get as much as they could and I would take whatever was leftover or even none at all, so they could be happy. (Hello martyr syndrome!) I placed myself on the bottom of the totem pole and walked around in my everyday life unconsciously believing that I was not as important or as valuable than everyone else. I could survive with less. (scarcity mind set)

Do you know what the Universe sends your way when you don’t allow yourself to receive…when your mantra is “I will take what’s leftover”? Nada! Nothing! Zippo! Why would the Universe conspire to send you abundance, gifts, great opportunities if She knows you won’t allow yourself to receive them. She wouldn’t waste Her time because you can’t even give it to yourself. I couldn’t let myself go out to eat without huge amounts of guilt and anxiety. I didn’t feel like I could let myself have joy or treat myself because deep down it would bust up my unconscious belief plan. “I deserve less” does not lend itself to a very joyful life. My world kept shrinking as I chose to receive less and less and my vibration and energy diminished itself right into depression, sadness and low energy.

Do you know what my husband says when I get him a nice gift (which is every time I get him a gift!)…he says THANK-YOU and receives it with joy! He does not place himself below the rest of us, he is an equal, he deserves great things, he is worthy of receiving love.

Let’s take this a bit farther. How often do you gift yourself with luxury or with things that excite you or would make you feel great? How often to send the current of giving to yourself? What does it feel like to imagine receiving great things…from yourself?! What feelings come up? What thoughts do you notice when you focus on spending extra on you just like you would for others? Is it welcoming or do you push the current away?

I busted up my lingering “I deserve less” beliefs by gifting myself with high quality, all-natural skin-care products as an experiment, an act of self-love and self-giving. I have never given myself very much or if I have it’s often low quality (like the bare minimum) and not very often. Quite recently my husband pointed out that I was wearing the same bra from when we started dating…9 years ago! Gulp! 🤦🏻‍♀️I still have some work to do!

As part of my continue experiment, I have allowed myself to nurture and gift myself (and my skin) so I can feel great, as an act of self-love, as a rebellious act to my old belief system by expressing and showing myself and the Universe that I deserve great things! I deserve luxurious things! I deserve to treat myself. I deserve way more than I usually give to myself. So I use my amazing Neora Skin-Care and Wellness Products with these very conscious and new beliefs in mind and awareness and I tell you this small act of self-nurturance and love translates into all parts of my life. I think about how I can increase my receptivity and abundance into more and more areas of my life. I think about how I can give to myself more with my time, my own energy, my own focus. I think about how I can take the time to sit and read a book and not worry about being everywhere for everyone else at all times. My new beliefs are starting to radiate everywhere! It raises my vibration! It has expanded my energy. And it started my sending the giving current to myself and being willing to RECEIVE it. And the Universe is now sending me more and more abundance each month, new opportunities and even new circles of like minded friends. It’s amazing, my relationship and love I offer myself because of the belief that I deserve and am worthy of a great life…is reflected in my everyday life. The Universe is simply mirroring and offering the energy and vibration I give myself ! Supernatural hey 😀

Please comment and share your experiences and relationship to RECEIVING below and what new ways you will expand your openness and readiness to receive because you are worth it! You deserve great things in your life and for yourself simply to make you feel good or excited or joyful! Yes you do!! And it is so.

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  1. I was struck by the words, “I didn’t have a relationship with receiving…”
    Thank you for this beautiful, inspiring post.

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