10 small Rituals to connect to this New moon

Happy New Moon my friends.

What a glorious New Moon. The energy feels auspicious. The word that has summoned my mind for this moon cycle is CONNECTION. Grandmother moon is calling for us to connect…to oneself, to another, to the Universe at large.

There are small daily practises and intentions to help you do this. Remember we are in the thick of Venus retrograde that is calling deep into our inner depths, unpacking the roadblocks to the road that leads to our soul. It is a time of spiritual practise and contemplative reflection. In many ways this unique time of isolation is calling of this as well, we are shedding our way into a new way of living and being. Old parts of us are releasing. Make a list of ways you are committing to connect with yourself and the Divine at large.

Here are 10 Ways to Connect to your Heart & the Divine during this Moon Cycle:

-Daily gratitude list. Try for 25 daily, this is life changing and vibration raising!

-Get outside in Nature and hear the wind call to you or the stillness sing to you.

-Meditate for five minutes a day. Check out free apps like Insight Timer (I use this one) and Calm.

-Listen to Music…dance it out, sing it out, move your feet on the Earth Mother like you were drumming your prayer to her and the Divine.

-Light candles or have a fire outside.

-Burn sage and clear your home.

-Read a poem or prayers.

-Get up with the sun, hear the birds sing their morning songs, feel the crisp air awaken the day.

-Get creative. Paint, draw, write, build…creative juices are soul igniting!

-Be of service. How can you help someone or offer something in love? How can you help out your family, friend or neighbour or local community group in need?? Do that! Fill your heart with giving.

To close, set the intention this month to CONNECT! Make it your daily practise. Set up a date with your soul every.single.day. and see how your life changes. Ask your heart daily in journal…how do you want me to connect today?

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