Taurus Full Moon Energies & Sacred Action

“We need to organize our inner lives because our external structure has disappeared.” ~ Dr. Besser van der Kolk

This quote really sums up the energies of this full moon! This moon feels…

– heavy, lots of swirling emotions, energies and chaotic type energy

– we are being pulled in all directions and feel lost, unsure where to go or what to do, our footing is unknown

This full moon is in the Earth sign of Taurus and thank gooodness! We need grounding and form to our internal worlds .


On this full moon I invite you to make a Healing Tree or garden or even plant inside your home if you don’t have outdoor space. It’s a place, a physical form you can turn to and put your emotions, your heaviness, your wishes, your remembering of loved ones, your dreams, your prayers… anything that needs to come out. Design it how you wish. Have stones and branches and sacred objects. Write in your stones your feelings, your worries, your prayers. make some prayer sticks or hang your desires into the tree. There is no wrong way. Check out my video to see my healing tree @thewomenstribe or in IG @the_womenstribe.

Create form for your inner chaos somehow. Use the elements… stones, sticks, dirt, trees, anything. Ground that energy somewhere and know the Spirit world, the Earth Mother and the Divine is always holding you, always listening, always supporting. So help them by moving it out if you 💕

Post pics of your healing tree 😊

Xo. Crystal

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