New Moon Energies & Power Focused Ritual

Hello New Moon!

Ahhh….the April New Moon. This moon really feels like the start of something new. We are really amping up our energies… they are building like a kettle ready to explode. I don’t quite know what the new will be…perhaps a new way, a new road, a new form, a new existence for us…but change and rebirth are on the horizon after this time of retreat and isolation.

The word that keeps coming to my mind for this New Moon is creativity. We NEED to get creative this moon and in our lives with money, with projects, with life in general so we don’t die of boredom and inertia. We are being called to get the juices flowing and extend creativity in every single part of our life, like an ember that needs to be pumped full of air to keep burning.

Simply by bringing in creative energy, we are changing our vibes, our experience, our futures in many ways. We manifest based on how we feel and creativity helps us invoke life!

Tell me….

How can you get creative in your everyday life?  

How are you being creative for your kids?

How are you being creative in your marriage or partnership?

How are you being creative in your home?

How can you add more creativity, aliveness and inspiration into your everyday life?

How can you be more creative in the expression of you, in simply taking care of you like it were a creative and Sacred contract.

On this New Moon I invite you to scan your home and your life and to see where you can infuse life, inspiration and creativity. How can you invoke Spirit and color, and aliveness in little pockets, little places, little forms so you can see it everyday and let it tickle you pink. How you on call it in And let it remind you of beauty, of Spirit, of fun and passion. Let these invitations and inspirations help you get through this next month of continued isolation and quarantine. This moon feels active, action oriented, a Sacred ACT of creativity and aliveness and self honouring is a must for you right now.

New Moon Act of Power & Creativity:

Go into your bathroom or even better a place with a full length mirror. Stand in front of it and really look at yourself.

How are you showing up for yourself right now?

What is that girl needing?

How can you commit to a carving out Creative time as though it were an active living prayer of hope for this girl/woman?

Look at yourself in the eyes and promise to show up for yourself!

What are 3 sacred and creative ways you will show up for yourself regularly.. daily if you can .? List them .

Here are some creative ideas for you try some out ??

-Make an Altar somewhere you can invite in Spirit.  

-Add stones or crystals to different areas of your home (the bathroom sink, your entrance, etc.) remind yourself of your connection to the Divine in your everyday.

-Put up inspiring phrases or words onto your mirror. Recite Mantras, affirmations… “ I am worthy of my own time and my own love.”

-Buy some flowers just for you.

-Start a new project – paint or build or design or whatever it may be!

-Visualize, imagine, see what your future life in one year’s time.

-Brainstorm ideas

-Make bucket lists/ to do lists/ future plan lists

-Plan a future vacation or party

-Take a class that excites you

-Write, make art, dance every day

-Plan unique dates at home

-Plan fun activities that make you use your creative juices with your kids

-Little things like lighting candles, burning incense or infusing oils help set an inspiring and soothing environment

-Make a creative budget

-Go to the pantry and see what you have, make three days worth of meals based on your pantry.

-Plan your garden

-Plant flowers

-Organize anything…playfully.  Make it fun, not something you have to do but choose to do.

For me, I need to feel connected, alive and inspired to feel connected to Spirit. When I don’t – I feel stuck, like the walls are caving in…I eat a lot of chocolate, crave a lot of wine or want a lot of chips. Those are signs I’ve not tended to my soul much, that I’ve put Her on the back burner. So I created a 4 Week Writing Journey – Conscious Escape & Me time to get our creative juices firing, to get our connections clicking and get our inspirations exploding.

If you’re feeling overwhelmed, or like you need to come up for some air, or simply need me time…I’d love for you to join me! It’s truly a gift to yourself as it is a gift to myself. We need this !!

If you are interested check it out here. We start this Sunday 😊. It’s all in your own time and space on your own or as connected tot he group as you want .

This is a powerful, life affirming moon !

And so it is. As always If you feel called I’d love for you to FOLLOW THE BLOG and get weekly self connecting rituals to help connect you to yourself and the Divine.



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