Do you need me time right now? Do you feel like you need to come up for air? Join me for a 4 Week Conscious Escape & ME Time Writing Journey and fill your soul back up.

Hello my friends and tribe. I thought I’d touch base and see how everyone is doing! It has been intense…hasn’t it? I feel so much emotions sometimes, I just want to escape them. So if you’re like me…you’ve been snacking more, having a glass or two more wine than usual, and even sleeping more…or less.

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I crave temporary escape from the intensity and uncertainty. I feel waves of anxiety at times, and just plain exhaustion and the need for a break and alone time…away..from my kids and husband. I realize how much I miss a bit of that me time, whether it was grocery shopping or playing a ringette game or going out for dinner with a friend. I miss me time…yes! I know for me when I start craving lots (more than usual) of chips, chocolate, wine – it’s a call from my soul. I know it’s my deepest Self howling for some attention and nurturance. So I am honouring my soul’s call!

I thought I’d invite you to join me in a 4 week Conscious Escape & Me Time Writing Journey. It’s time for you to take for yourself. It’s a time for reflective and guided journalling, to get the creative juices flowing, to write, to reflect, to make small ritual for you. It’s a guide for you to take you time, in small chunks so we can feel like we are coming up for air every now and again. It’s a way to go inward and also escape some of it in the playful world of creativity and self-discovery. It’s a journey inward, outward, beyond and around in the moment. It’s a sacred journey with the pen and page and the magic of your inner guide.

And the good news…its only $5!

It includes:

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  • 1 Weekly Journal Prompts for self-reflection, exploration, emotional dumping, creative exploration, contemplation or some other aspect that calls and soothes the soul.
  • 1 Sacred Self-Connection Task per week.
  • Daily 2 minute gratitude list prompts.
  • Private Facebook Group for you to share your writing and discoveries and connect with other like minded, feeling oriented, spiritually inspired women. I’ll be on there daily.

We start Sunday April 25, 2020 – the First Prompts/Journeys released @ 2pm

If you would like to join please email me at and I’ll add you to the group.

Etransfer payments of $5 to to confirm registration. If you can also send me your Facebook name I’ll add you to the private FB group .

As always find me on Instagram @the_womenstribe

or Facebook @womenstribe.

3 Comments on “Do you need me time right now? Do you feel like you need to come up for air? Join me for a 4 Week Conscious Escape & ME Time Writing Journey and fill your soul back up.

  1. i love that… recognizing the desire to snack more, feel comfort from wine, or chocolate… is your soul, or even inner child shouting for some attention. such a great point, can’t wait to tell my friends! haha thank you for posting ✨🙏🏽 blessings to you

      • that’s incredible – and so important that you’re telling your story for other people that may need to hear these things in order to make a change as well. 🙏🏽✨

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