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Hi friends! Happy full moon/super moon. Hooooowee, the energies are so interesting aren’t they? Here we ALL are, in our homes, isolating, retreating, finding stillness and quietness by choice or not and all those emotions are coming flooding in. When we get still, our wise emotions use that opportunity to come to the surface so we can feel and heal. Interesting, right?! Hard, right?!

The feelings/energies are ones of overwhelm, boredom, despair, anxiety, crawling through our skin feeling, anger, sadness, rage even. We are all over the place and you know what…that’s ok. The new pace, the slowing down, perhaps the silence or the opposite- the constant chaos of everyone at home, are creating periodic eruptions.

All we can do is ride the wave. One day I’m ok, I feel good, focused, calm and collected…and the next I’m a weeping mess. It just is what it is. Amongst all this in this Libra Moon are lessons in relationships. Boundaries are a theme are coming up for me with family in particular. Some of our closest relationships, perhaps marriages, or with our parents, are really being tested and the guts, the aches, the unhealed spots are oozing and erupting out of us as though it can’t be contained. People are pushing boundaries and we are being asked to explore and look at the relationships in our lives and the most important one, which is the one with ourselves. Do your relationships nurture, honour and value you? Do you feel good in your relationships? Are they filled with love? Are they filled with emptiness, loneliness, hurt? What do you want out your relationships with a partner, friend, or family. Can you be ok with letting some relationships go, even coming to peace with them and still letting them go. Letting there be forgiveness and allowing room for the realization that reconciliation doesn’t need to happen in them. Sometimes healing, closure, and completion is all we really need.

So on this Full Super Moon…..Create space! Write, dance, run, scream, move the emotional volcano out of you some how. Get some oil pastels, crayons or markers and get a blank page. Scribble, color, list words, make doodles, write the F word in every color of the rainbow until you feel a release.

Here’s a wonderful song called Janjara by James Asher. All you need to do is play it, close your eyes and let your body move. Shake out all the energy, with you hands, your shoulders, your elbows, your legs, your belly button, any part of you that seeks and needs to move. Follow your body’s lead. For me I found imaging shaking off all the heaviness helpful and I imagined pushing back against people who are trying to cross or challenge boundaries. The action of pushing felt fantastic.

Happy full moon my friends. Remember we are in a life changing, soul invoking, world healing time. It’s bloody intense. So honour those dark emotions right now and embrace the gratitude. I really hope you dance it out! It’s so lovely, you’ll see.

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