New Moon Energies & Rituals to Manage the Emotions during this Unique Time

I hope you enjoyed my first video new moon message about current energies and thoughts. We are in a time of chaos and radical change. We are being pulled into our more feminine energies of being-ness, of creativity, of connection, of soft, gentle, present movements in our lives and we aren’t used to the slowed, down, alive, feeling based pace.

It feels anxious, scary, and overwhelming. We feel lost and unsure what to do. I invite you to simply move into what is there on this New Moon. Welcome your feelings, invite them into your space, invite them to show up so you can honour them and diffuse them into the ethers of the Earth Mother and the Universe at large.

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New Moon Rituals : Creating Space for All the Feelings.

As always se the tone and mood by lighting candles, burning incense or diffusing oils. Take some deep breaths and se the intention to honour your feelings, to take space and feel and allow what is there to come up and come out on this New Moon.

  1. Gather some papers, crayons and place the papers all around you in a circle. Just take some breaths and write out your feelings and thoughts, get those true dark feelings out of your body and onto the page. Name where you feel it and what it feels like. Emotionally purge that energy onto the paper. Simply honour what comes up and get it out. You are allowed to feel what you feel. You are created space to feel so you don’t end up wallowing and lingering into a downward spiral. When you are done jotting it all down just take a moment and pause with it. See it. Witness it. Allow it. Then release the papers if it feels right. Burn them, rip them up, hold on to them. Whatever feels right for you.

2). Write a letter to the Great Mother, Creation, The Universe, the Divine, God/Goddess, Buddha, whomever floats your boat. Describe how you are experiencing this time physically, emotionally, spiritually and mentally. Here are some prompts.

-Describe you feel physically, how has your movements and environments changed?

-How does your body feel and where are you feeling it? What sensations are emerging?

-How are you feeling emotionally? What feels heavy, can you name it?

-What are your fears and challenges?

-What is feeling like a gift? What is feeling Sacred during these times?

-What are the simple pleasures during this time?

-How can you connect to Spirit and Life more often, in little tidbits everyday?

-Are you honouring your Presence as life quiets or are you distracting and panicking?

-Can you embrace this time as a Sacred Pause, a time of healing, rejuvenation and recharge or are you obsessed with doing?

-Can you focus on bringing your Presence to life as though it were a spiritual practise and sacred act?

-How are your thoughts? What are the fear based thoughts? What are the trusting/safe ones?

-What are you needing during this time? Claim it and express it to the Universe, She is listening !

-What gift can you offer yourself in this very moment?

I invite you to claim and feel and inhale the sacred of this unique, sometimes scary and uncertain times. There are many gifts amongst the chaos. There is Sacred Shift going on right now and it can feel a bit rattling. I invite you to feel what you do but to open to Trust and Faith and know that the Universe always has our backs and is always supporting us during these changes. There is a knowing we do not know yet but is in our best interest.

And so it is friends.

Happy New Moon. Feel the feels, the scary, the sad, the lonely, the lovely, the amazing, the gifts. Feel it all.



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