How to Feel Connected as a Family with a Weekly Team Huddle (especially now)

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I feel like I always wish for more time. More time with my kids, to cook, to clean, to go out, to be creative, to have more dates with my husband…to do the things I want to do…to organize, to whatever. Amidst this Coronavirus pandemic life has suddenly shifted drastically. Hockey is cancelled (that is much of our life these days), school cancelled, social gatherings and activities put on pause. The kids will basically have nowhere to go and nowhere to be. Has this ever happened??? It’s time to get creative to keep those stinkers busy! I don’t want to down play the current global crisis and extreme measures we are placed under because I know myself as an immune comprised gal, I am nervous to leave my four walls. However, perhaps there is some light in this somewhat dark tunnel. Perhaps we can engulf the good that comes with the bad. Perhaps there is a real gift, a real shifting into being-ness, the feminine side of life that is given the opportunity to emerge while much of our outside lives are on pause.

A piece of me is like, “eeeeeeeeeeeeekkkkkk!!!” this is going to be a long four weeks of no school and no daycare. But the creative part of me is sparked up with inspiration of what we can do creatively at home, while building and incubating our connection to each other and a family as a whole.

What I feel really committed to within myself and my family these days is tending to our emotional and spiritual needs and health. This is so often put aside amidst the busy days of homework, hockey, play dates, family visiting etc. etc. With the growing number of places closing around us, the “doing” of our life has come to a halt and we are being called back into those lovely inner places of being.

A plan to do a series of Family Connections activities during the next while.

So this week’s Family Connections activity is the “Team Huddle”.

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This week’s Team Huddle topic – Talking to the Kids about Corona Virus & How Life is being Affected by it.

Gather the troops (family members) and sit around your kitchen table. Light some candles, maybe even infuse some oils or burn an incense. Make the space special.

Explain to the kids that you are having a team huddle for your family and it’s something you’d like to do weekly. Maybe Monday nights or Thursday nights or Sunday afternoons. Whatever works for you. It’s a time and place to come together, sit, process, get on the same page and plan for upcoming activities.

Here’s a brief outline. (create it in a way that works for your family and lifestyle)

1 )Have a beginning – a ringing of a bell or clinking or forks on glasses. Kids love this.

2)Talk about what is going good this week. Each family member takes a turn.

Introduce this week’s topic or goal. For us this week it was discussing Corona virus after my oldest son questioned if he would be ok if he got Corona virus. We reviewed common symptoms, how people get it, how to prevent it. We reviewed the important of really good hand washing.

I put 2 papers on the table. 1 paper we all wrote about what we thought and felt about Corona Virus. Even my 3 year old scribbled on the page and talked about another topic but it was inclusive as his little mind still doesn’t comprehend fully.

The 2nd paper we listed ideas of activities we could do at home as we would be together and at home a lot over the next while. We then taped the paper to the wall to remind us when we are “bored”.

3. Next we discussed calendar/schedule/upcoming appointments.

4. Followed by everybody’s ideas for meal planning ideas for the upcoming week.

5. Ending -We ended by having a goal each and a family goal or activity planned for upcoming week.

6. Family Treat. End with bell or clinging of glasses and a nice treat like cookies and milk, cake, tea, ice cream or some other fun food as part of the experience each week.

This really helped us feel connected and discuss topics in a supported, safe way.

I hope you give it a whirl and let me know how your family found it.

Sending love, good immunity, joy, embracing what is, and trusting in the Universe for she is shifting us into something soooo deep. It is scary and overwhelming but it also feels miraculous what we are doing as a human nation.

With love Crystal

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