March Energies – Action

This last week has been etched with interesting, restless, agitated energy. With mercury in retrograde we are revisiting old ideas, themes, projects and we are asked to re-work it. We are asked to remold some aspects of our life just like a pottery artist does as she sits at her potter’s wheel and molds a big hunk of clay into a new and beautiful form.

All I keep hearing from Spirit is to take Action. Jump in. Just do. Start in the doing and find your path one step at a time from there. The energy feels like an art form, not a set path, just finding the expression and soul form as we work with it, like clay in our hands until the piece or project finds a form. We must breathe energy into, stoke it like a fire and allow the magic of manifestation and creation to form with our infused energy. We can not think this one out, we cannot plan it in linear form. It is Sacred Art and Expression from our souls at its finest.

So this month, just allow that mind to quiet and let your body lead. Let your instincts guide you, let spirt take your heart and hands and allow you to begin to mold your work, your life, your relationships into something brand new.

You’ll notice I did some changes to the website. At first I was like, “oh my gosh what did I just do?”. It had appeared that I lost all my old stuff. Some of it was lost. But I knew Spirit was nudging this to make me dig deep and re-mould, re-work and re-form some new ideas and inspirations.

So this month…jump in and just start. Just do. Sometimes we get so caught up in the how, it stops us from taking the first step. Figure it out as you go along and trust that the energies are supporting you as you mold your new creation into a new form.


-Clean out closets and release, stuck old energy. Call in new energy by making some space for it.

-Smudge your home, clear out the stagnant energetic corners.

-Buy some flowers, and know it is a Sacred Expression and invitation to beauty and abundance in your home.

-Clean out cupboards, toy boxes, garages, anywhere that accumulates stuff and let that old shit go.

-Open up the windows and allow the crisp Spring air to sing a cleansing song in your home. Imagine the wind sweeping through with her luscious spring colours and vibrations.

-Do something different. Really shake up that routine. Take another way to work, wear something bold. Try a new class. Shake things up.

-Take a bold step. Register for that class. Apply for that job. Buy that thing that makes your heart sing and feeds your joy just cause you value your joy.

-Just do. Act. I remember Lynn Andrews inviting another therapist and I to use some of her teachings in tools in our therapy sessions. We were stuck on the how. How do I use the drum in a counselling session? How do I approach it? How this, how that, when…. She said stop. Just pull the drum out and drum. Just do it. Ha! So simple. Just do!!!!

Happy March Energies my friends. The ice is breaking up, we are prepping the energies for Spring movement and flow.



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