November New Moon Energies

Happy New Moon! Oooweeee!! I love the Sagittarius Moon 🌚, and this one feels extra special . It is time to start the new path, the new walk, the new way. So on this New Moon bust out of the norm and do something different. Take a risk, throw caution to the wind and do something out of your ordinary. This is a huge act of power and salute to the new moon and new life you are creating.

Wear some bright red lipstick, change the colour of your hair or better yet…cut it, sign up for that class, make that website, take the new job offer, go on that date, maybe even end that relationship. Just change up the usual.

Whatever it is that you choose to do different, the energies feel like that are asking us to be brave and just do it. This is a time to make a bold act of power, this is to set in motion a new way of life and doing all that you do.

It’s exciting and overwhelming and exciting again 😊.

This moon cycle is about setting in motion the new life that is lurking around waiting to emerge. For me, my act of power I’m gonna post a video on my site and start the membership. It’s stretching out of my comfort zone or my norm and trying some new things on.

It’s easy to get overwhelmed in the how but stop yourself and just focus on doing it… raw, real, imperfect and pure. Just do it! That simple.

I invite you to write your act of power of your wish for the new on a bay leaf and burn it so the spirit world really receives in and you deeply honour the new form that is stalking and circling you in your life.

So share with me your act of power in the comments.

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Blessings and NEW moon!!



4 Comments on “November New Moon Energies

  1. Well. I will be wearing red lipstick but that isn’t so unusual for me.. but I am also going on a first date with a new person 2 months after my ex cheated on me and dumped me! And.. I’m a Sagittarian 🙂🌟 I’m feeling a little nervous but I’m doing it!

  2. OH! I love this! Thank you. I am always looking ways to deepen my relationship with the changes in the moon. My act of power is doing my first webinar tonight about holistic pelvic care and the healing package I am offering women. OH, and I am chopping my hair. And strangely today I dressed all in blue because that is my power color! BOOM. xo

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