March New Moon Energy and Ritual

Ahhh spring… it’s so close! This time and energy calls for us to organize and clear out some energy so the new can move in. This week I’ve organized files, drawers, cabinets and the like and I tell you it feels good. Garbage bags full of stuff and yuck gone, old clothes moved and given away. New order in file systems and email accounts. This just helps our energy move more freely and easily as we are ready for the new, fresh energy to emerge with spring.

Try some new things, take a new way to work or try a new restaurant. Go about some aspects of your life a little differently than the usual way. Bring in some flowers, open your windows, wear flowery patterns in your clothes 😉 .

Apply for a new job and sign up for a new class. Something new is being called for and lingering in the air waiting to move in. We just need to clear the space and invite it in.

Success and is on its way 🙂 . The new road is getting cleared … this doesn’t mean their won’t be bumps and a hurdle or two… it means there is new coming to form and life . And this is exciting !

So on this new moon make some space and welcome in the new. Clear out those drawers, cupboards, cabinets and files and free yourself of the heavy and stuck old stuff. Bring in new life … flowers to your table, bright colours in your home or on your clothes and dance with the energy of spring and the budding of new life.

And so it is my friends


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