January Blue Moon Ritual

Happy full, blood, blue moon and eclipse !!!What a fun celestial event. The energies have felt stuck lately, in a rut, inertia like. But this full moon helps get the momentum going, a monumental energetic shift occurs at this time. I’m ready for it… so ready ! How about you ?

I’ve felt like I’ve been sitting in a sailboat waiting for the wind to move and guide me in a new direction. This full moon releases a gust of wind for us and moves us forward on our journeys.

The last four year cycle has come to a close and I want to shed it…to complete the cycle . It has felt like this itchy wool sweater I’ve been struggling to take off . It was snagged on something and my head and arms have been caught. I’ve been stuck and struggling to get it over and off my head. But this full moon feels like the sweater is off and the cycle complete but a new beginning emerges with this glorious full moon energy.

This energy helps move us forward towards new goals, new forms, new relationships and experiences. And it’s exciting !

If your like me you’ve been feeling a little disconnected…from Self…from Spirit, even from others. I feel like when I am not connected to my deepest Self it’s almost impossible to be connected to others. I just haven’t made the space to get quiet and feel my soul body, reflect, and visualize. This full moon asks us to recommit to ourselves and or high vision, highest purpose.

I know I need to reconnect to a spiritual community…a sisterhood… a group of like minded people to help keep that spiritual line connected to the cosmos. I need to build my spiritual power and strength and a community can help .

On this full moon take an act of power, take a step towards your goals, try a new challenge, turn the new chapter.

I invite you to try this Moon salutation as part of your Self Connection ritual on this Full Moon. Have an intention… to connect more, to be more active, to be more open…anything.

Happy full blood and blue moon 🙂 here’s a moon salutation practice for you .



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