October Full Moon Ritual. Release and Renewal

Happy fall full Moon y’all.  The word that comes to mind this Moon is the “shamans death. ” We are at an ending…. it’s time to let go of a part of ourselves or a relationship or thought pattern or addictive way to fully move forward in our lives.  

For me it’s a part of myself.  It’s stuckness. Death. Illness.  Four years ago I was struck with the onset of a blood and immune condition that I may deal with for the rest of my life .  In the beginning it was real bad in and out of hospital and my life stopped.  Many of the activities and aspects of my life ended or at least paused… for four years… my sports, my job, any real exertion really.  I literally became stuck at home in exhaustion and fearful to go to far from the nearest hospital .

This full moon there is a death to this shock and stuckness with this illness.  I see the “sick and paralyzed” part of me wrapped in white blankets…and buried.  She has died.  There has been a death.  There is resurrection and new aliveness emerging as I bury this fearful, stuck and trapped part of myself .  It is time.  New ways, patterns and pathways are emerging alongside the death that is occurring in our lives.  It is a volt of both dark(death) and light (new life) all at one time .  It’s quite shocking and exciting and fearful and exciting again :). New steps and paths are being formed and established while old roads and stuck holes fade away. 

So on this full moon…. light some candles and grab some paper, crayons or pens .  If you’d like to spark up some sage I invite you to do so.  It’s time to consciously allow the old to be removed from your life and laid to rest .

In the centre of the page draw a large circle and simply list words of the parts of yourself  ( thoughts , patterns, emotions ) and even people you are releasing .  Just write what has died and what you lay to rest.  Allow it to simply emerge on the page.  

Write this part of you a good-bye and thank you letter .  What has been the gift of these old ways and parts of yourself .  Why are they no longer needed.  What is now emerging that it must be released ??

Burn the page with the circle for sure and letter if you wish.  Or bury it.

And so it is my friends 

Here’s mine …

In the centre… is selfless, voiceless me… the lost, sick, dying self.

I lay you to rest.  I get that you helped me endure and survive and become something during this time of illness.  You moved me into a real nurturing and giving place, as well as a slower more receptive pace so I could fill myself up again after operating on lightening speeds for years.  My being stuck in this form is causing a slow internal death…I’m dying and acheing for aliveness again.  I’m craving a change of gear, a bit of a quicker pace.  I’m in need of life again … not just surviving and struggling with illness. So I solute you for a cycle of life that I needed  and was necessary but you have fulfilled your purposes and placed within me what I needed during this time.  You created a return to mental, emotional, physical and spiritual stability after a lot of upheaval and chaos.  Now my life and soul are calling for more… for new life and new forms with this condition.  I honour you and am thankful but  I also need to let you now .  Thank you for the years of gentleness.. it allowed for my survival.  Now I am ready to move forward in a new way.  Good bye 😘

Happy fabulous full moon.  May this death bring you closer to life and light .

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