In the Energy of Change

How are you all surviving out there?

This past Eclipse and the beautiful, giant , orange full moon initiated and moved us into endings , change and even loss.  It’s how it’s supposed to be, it’s a must… even though it hurts like hell.

Jobs, relationships, contracts and old patterned ways ended.  Some shockingly and painfully .

For me… my grandma passed on the full moon… ending her physical presence and rebirthing into her original form.  It’s hard to not have her here in the physical world, I want to pick up the phone and call her or visit her house and see her sitting in her chair in the breezeway puffing on a cigarette or reading a book.  But she was called home to the nebulous of the universe.  She was called back to the light to be with her son and husband and many other loved ones.

Here I am struggling to process this grand change in my life … it feels like nothing and everything has changed.  Many of us are feeling this.  What now … ??!! What does this ending mean and how is it translating in my life ?  

The energy is different now, the hierarchy or energy bonds in our relationships have to be re-worked and re-aligned.  Who are we now amidst this ending and loss and change?

What do we need and want to do differently?  What has to be done differently ???  Where shall we gaze now?

I know too my grandma is experiencing this conscious and energetic shift in the other side … in her new and original form.. everything and yet nothing is different.  

I’m just trying to allow the process to be… to feel grief and tears in one moment and excitement and anticipation in the next.  I’m trying to allow for the wave of change and evolution to flow through my life and my body and my being as it was meant and simply to feel it all as the learning .  That is the learning .

Just a quick share during this intense, changing, enlightening and heavy time 😘

Much love friends



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