Surviving the post Eclipse Energy  Shifts .

Ok I’m moving through the resistance and finally writing!! 😜 Its an intense time isn’t friends ??!  So much is going and so many of us are moving through major shifts.  It feels like a rebirth or a cleansing or a major reboot and re-setting of life.  I feel like a part of me has been turned on and activated.  I’m so focused on change and goals and shifting gears to meet my hearts needs.  It’s so strong and direct.  My heart is calling for a major inner shift.  

Things feels turned inside out, the can of worms has been opened so we can release and re-shift our energies.   It’s a tough process.  Many of us are sorting out relationship struggles and moving through shifts in our relationships.  Needs are being expressed and roles are having to be re-worked so that one can create and honour thyself in a relationship.  If that can’t happen some relationships will come to an end, sadly.

Perhaps work is going through a major shift or even there’s a job change at hand… allow it.  Make space.

 Feel the ethers of change and let it be a bit uncomfortable while you expand and grow. We haven’t quite moved into the new we are just in the transformation and shedding and cleaning and purifying process .  It’s natural and won’t last just part of the process.

Let relationships be in a state of transition and uncertainty or even a bit of chaos until the wires re-circuit and new forms, new flow, new patterns and partnerships are set.  It’s uncomfortable … yes… but trust that healing will happen in the changes.  The energy stayed in the pressure cooker until it could no longer be contained … it exploded into pieces to be pieced back together in a new form.  

So, mostly trust the universe, trust in the Divine energetic cleansing that’s occurring so deep seated healing can occur. 

Sit in discomfort and simply be in it and allow the shifting pain to come and release.

Indulge in rituals that inspire joy .  Gratitude lists.  Creativity. Drumming .  Coffee dates .  Deep talks with friends.  

Connect with the water element during this time .  Epsom salt baths, swimming, visiting bodies of water .  Wash your hands and feet in a cleansing ritual .  Drink a lot of water.

This is a soul cleansing time .  

And so it is my friends 



Picture by Kyan Art 

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