July Full moon Energy…you ready ??

Happy full moon!!! (Tomorrow).

It has been some time since I’ve written hasn’t it my friends.  I was in a spot of inertia and stuckness and I just didn’t have words.  I was holding a lot of plates in the air and could not find time to express but time and emotion and need is changing this!!

This full moon feels intense… there’s lot going on.  It can feel like a lot of emotional upheaval .  Change is in the air and that can be tough for some of us.  I feel the energy of change around but am just trying to allow space for her energy to move into my life rather than panic and anxiety fill my body.  

This is a time of believing in yourself… in knowing your good , of knowing you are strong and honourable and full of integrity. This is a time trusting yourself and your voice.  The moon shall pull out situations that help you evaluate this of yourself.   Be confident in your expression of your will, your needs, your thoughts, your perspective .  No more silence… no more making peace.  Express and reveal yourself !!!

So pull inward and meet your glorious soul at the depths of your inner world .  Sit and feel your own presence and let that wise one within guide you.  Dance or yoga, sing or draw… do something to connect with that inner voice .   There is no wrong way just entry points .

We may be tested during this time but really the test is about your own self trust and self knowing .  Are you confident in your integrity, your presence in the world.  So dance your wonderful soul sing and exude You !!!  Don’t back down from boundary challenges…now is not the time to get quiet or small.  It’s time to really own and hold your power and trust that you can do this !!! You deserve to.  You have a right to fight for what you believe. 

In the end all will be what we wish… all shall be fulfilled . 

And so it is my moon tribe and friends 🙂



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