Fiery Sagittarius Full Moon Ritual

This full moon is a fiery, emotionally charged Sagittarius moon party.  I hit some deep, raw, pockets of pain… of sadness and loneliness…an inner shrieking from my most jeweled depths.  It brought me to a place of deep release ( loud crying sobs ) and also to a place where change is a must. This moon is stirring our souls to evoke change… immediate change.  Get doing, get cracking, get going on the new road.  Maybe it’s a move , or a new job, or a new passion … but a radical change for the better feels like it’s in the horizon.  It’s time to stop gathering and time to start sharing , expressing , creating … outputtin our energies.  I feel the need for a lot of change and it feels kind of exciting .  Some sparks are re-igniting and the inner fire is turning up the heat once again. 
So in this full moon….get active… do something.  Paint… draw… dance… sing.  Work on a project you want to start or get done .  Look for new houses, search for new jobs, sign up for a new class.  We must move our energy outward somehow towards an intent of action .  We are being called and propelled forward.  I’m going to repurpose a piece of furniture tonight.  I haven’t done this in over a year and I really enjoy it.  It’s my act of power for myself and  a new path I am committing to stepping on.  

So on this moon I hope you join me in some sort of action… an act of power .  And so it is my friends. Xo


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