A Delightful and Simple April New Moon Ritual.

The new moon has arrived after a tumultuous month of retrogrades and chaos and unearthing of what was/is unhealed within us.  

As I sit with the energy of this moon I keep hearing the word JOY.  Joy, joy, joy.  It’s funny cause one of my good pals and I were discussing how to create more joy in the busyness of raising kids, cooking dinners, soccer, homework etc.  Sometimes the responsibilities of life mutes the colours of joy as we get caught in the web of routine.

I was brought back to the simple question of… “what makes me joyful.” And this is something I really need to discover cause to be honest I don’t quite know.  I know what used to but life has changed and it’s something I need to explore again.

A Delightful New Moon Ritual

So on this new moon I invite you to join me in taking some quiet and sacred space, light a candle, have a cup of tea and put the word JOY at the centre of your page.  Take a few centering breaths and just free flow with what makes you joyful… no thinking just pen flowing and see what comes.

Make a commitment to create pockets of joy in your life.  Maybe throughout the day you take ten minute increments in doing something that ignites your joy or makes you laugh or settles and soothes your soul.

And so it is my friends



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  1. thank you for the healing ritual… I went to one of the most hurtful time and relived it with the older me as a guide. I feel good. I didn’t cry this time when I experienced my mom’s inability to love me like I wanted. She was incapable and I reassured myself that I will survive and never get what I thought I needed. She is dead now, and after death she still stabs me in the heart and leaves everything to my no good brother.. But I am surviving and healing without the pressure of trying to please her, a relief really. I am free. <3

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