Friction & The March Full Moon.

The energy of this full moon feels a bit intense, wouldn’t you say? I feel restless, annoyed, frustrated, then ok and then frustrated or stuck again and back to ok.  Exhausting !

I pulled a card for this full moon from the Psychic Tarot deck and got a card I’ve never had before.  Kinda fitting.  

The card is called accelerated motion.  It feels like we are being propelled or pulled into the new even though we are in the midst of struggle or change.

It’s easy to resist change it’s uncomfortable and often we must walk through doors or circumstances that we don’t enjoy to get to where we want to go.  These transition spots are tough but crucial in the change process… if not pivotal and instrumental in the transformational success or not.  So breathe through them… scream through them, cry and let out the pain of the transitions.  Celebrate the good moments …enjoy the sun, sip your luscious coffee intentionally, love your babies or puppies, breathe in the fresh crisp air.  Suckle in the good when it’s there… even just for moments. Put on your bright lipstick and stick this out !

For me…my family has experienced a change where my husband is away working for ten days at a time .  I’m struggling to accept this.  I hate it and can’t quite move into just accepting it .  So today amidst my struggling resistance I sat myself down and asked spirit… “What is the gift of this six month change? ”

I heard… “we’ve created room for you to focus on you and your writing, to finish what you’ve been waiting to finish for years (my holistic recovery program that’s in the final stages).  This is the gift of this struggle … so own it and do it!  The time is now .”

 It’s busy with taking care of my kids but the gift of being busy is that my time is very intentional and scheduled. I’ve had to get my butt organized and focused  – two things I tend to struggle with when I have lots of time on my hands.

So even though circumstances aren’t perfect or even shittay’ …these challenging times create friction. Friction creates heat that can turn into fire and transform things in an instant.   That’s when we change… when we are so uncomfortable we want to!  We do what it takes to get out of the doorway of hell. 

If this moon could speak she’d say that she’s summoning up some friction to get things moving… like really moving .  She’s lighting a fire under our resistant butts to get going on the new path.  We are being called forward like never before…we must arise now!  The Sacred Feminine is howling to me so strongly that when I sit and write with Her, tears fall down my cheeks because my heart feels so full in Her presence .  

So embrace the struggle, the uncomfortable feelings, the frustration, the anger, even the sadness and let it propel you into forward motion .  Get intentional! Get clear.  Get organized.  Get doing and going.

Grandmother moon bows and winks at you even during your struggle and friction.  You are not alone, not even close, you are simply being called forward!

And so it is 🙂

Crystal xo

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  1. What a message. You might as well have called me by name. It is time to GET OFF MY BUTT and get moving!

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