Some Sacred Feminine Teachings for International Women’s Day.

goddess4In honor of International Women’s Day I feel called to share with you some basic teachings of the Sacred Feminine…a general flavoring of what it is…what it feels like.  And so it is 🙂

Back in my early twenties, I hadn’t heard of the Sacred Feminine, I had no idea what it was or what it meant.  But the words Sacred and Feminine lingered in my aura like a puff of smoke I really wanted to inhale.  My soul recognized them even though my mind did not.

I learned about Feminism and studied feminist approaches to counselling but Sacred Feminine was new territory.  It started with a book I read by Lynn Andrews called The Tree of Dreams.  Lynn Andrews is shamaness and teacher (Writer of Medicine Woman and many other books) her words, her stories spoke to me in a way that I was unveiling and discovering myself.  I couldn’t wait to get home from work and pick up her words and suck them into my body and soul.  They evoked a remembering in me, a filling of a deep hole that longed to be filled.  The wild call from my soul that had been attempting to dial me up my entire life finally found its’ way to my ears and I had no choice but to hear it.  She lead me to the trail.  I eventually apprenticed under Lynn Andrews for four years and became Earth Steward, Minister and Healer under her Sacred Feminine teachings from the Sisterhood of the Shields.  (This is a whole other post lol)

So for those of you new to the concept of the Sacred Feminine or those of you dipping your toes into the beautiful realm, or those of you swimming in the pool of the Feminine, I honor you all for expanding and remembering a consciousness the world so desperately needs at this moment in time.

For me….I grew up in a religion that had masculine/patriarchal roots that told me that my body was the place of sin and weakness and that body and flesh should not be trusted as it was prone to over indulgence and wild longings that could take over my character, morals and life.  As a sensitive, intuitive, strongly emotional young girl I didn’t know how to carry this teaching and exist with it in my life.  I interpreted it to mean all my emotions, my desires, my sensuality, my sexuality, and urges were sinful, wrong, all the fundamental, primal elements of myself were shameful and could not be trusted.  I was taught as most of us are in our current world, not to trust my body.  I became disembodied…disconnected from the most fundamental, natural, primal elements and internal guidance within me.  I wasn’t supposed to listen to myself, I was supposed to follow the pre-determined rules and keep quiet.

These teachings put me up against my own self and body, and for me filled me with the idea that I am not enough, I’m flawed, I’m unloveable, I’m wrong, I’m damaged and I’m weak simply for having a body. So I shut down, I controlled, I obsessed, I calorie counted and eating disordered my way into an unconscious expression of the battle between my mind and soul.  I caged my wild, feminine roots and essence away for I thought she could not be trusted,  I thought she was wrong for existing, I thought she was not welcome simply by the fact she was not acknowledged or celebrated or encouraged to develop and grow. I did not consciously know that this was occurring  nor that I even had a wild, feminine soul deep within me, I simply had a deep feeling of emptiness, a craving for something I could not put my finger on or fill.  I knew without knowing that I was missing something, I just did not know what.  I had a deep, dark hole and an ache in my gut.  I thought it was a character flaw and a weakness that I could not just follow the rules and do life and be okay.  I just wanted to be normal but knew I wasn’t, something was different in me…in my DNA, in my structure. At the time I thought it was a bad thing, a lacking…I see now it was a knowing I had not yet discovered.

As I a look back I see now it was my feminine soul, my wise, emotional, intuitive body loudly and boldly expressing that I lost contact to my feminine essence.  And in doing so I lost connection to my body, my emotions, my intuition, my creativity, my ability to be….  me.  I acted out this loss of body/soul connection as an eating disorder and it also carried with it anxiety and depression….all natural feelings from losing yourself I’d say…yes?!

When you least expect it, or barely notice, the Sacred Feminine howls to you and  begins to call you home.  Synchronicity occurs and She finds her way to you subtly….first through restless, anxious energy calling you inward, or perhaps even depression.  Or a struggle with eating disorders or weight obsession or too much boozin, trying to make you look at why you’ve been acting out your pain.  She continues to howl for you and sooner or later a book comes your way or a dream evokes a remembering or a class you take leads you to Her trail or you meet a gal who digs the Divine Feminine 😉 and boom the lightning strikes and you remember!  Your heart cracks open with ancient, soul remembering that has been around for thousands of years.

And in Her essence (The Sacred Feminine Energies) there’s so much to learn, so much uncloaking, and shedding and releasing what never quite fit you in the first place.  There’s a lot of removal of the masks and shirts and fancy jackets we put on in the world and a diving deep into our naked, raw bodies instead.  The shedding can be painful but its’ also sparked with so much inner excitement and inner knowing of something much deeper, much more primal and inwardly wild.  It’s felt by feeling full for the first time ever, like a tasting of what peace feels like in a cup.  It’s a feeling being connected and lit up like the brightest firework you every did see and knowing you found your path home.

Spirit comes through your body, your body is Spirit in form…your intuition, your emotions, your body sensations are messengers from you’re own highest Self and the Divine and you learn that you never meant to abandon the very body Creation gave you to discover, feel and sensually inhale all the luscious, vibration, sensation evoking feelings that every dam thing all around you could offer.  You were meant to learn how to follow your body’s lead as Sacred Messenger, not sinner, not weakness but Divine Guider/Goddess of your soul’s desires, your soul’s path, your soul’s must do in this lifetime.

Your body is like your soul’s compass on the path to soul completion and gift sharing in this world.  She will signal to you when it feels oohhhhh so good and when it feels oh so wrong.  That gut instinct that says no or something doesn’t feel right and when things just flow in the most auspicious ways.   Spirit is felt inside, in stillness, in the body, in excitement, in peace, in anger, in fear, it uncertainty….Spirit is everywhere, especially in your body.

So on this International Women’s Day I honor ALL women and the SACRED FEMININE in all of us (both men and women).  I honor your sacred body as a place to start the remembering. I honor all of us women for all the feminine qualities we carry and move in to the world….the creativity, the nurturing, the loving, the connecting, the igniting of magic and joy we do.

And so it is sisters 🙂

I you feel called and you’d like to learn more about the Sacred Feminine or Holistic Recovery Coaching I’d be tinkled pink if you FOLLOWED THE BLOG or emailed me.  Blessings dear friends.

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