Super Moon Ritual – Connecting with the Great Mother and Finding Purpose.

great mother 2Oh yes, here we are at the Supermoon.  This moon is the closest to the Earth as it has been in over 60 years!!  It’s huge and bright and colorful….and well…magical! 🙂

This month has sure been interesting hasn’t it?!  Lots of change, lots of shock, lots of summoning of the unhealed emotions and evoking of our power.  I started the month with this sudden anxiety, heaviness and couldn’t breathe feeling.  Then it switched to sadness, an uneasiness and even anger post election (even though I’m not American nor do I live in America).  My husband was surprised at my reaction but as a woman, something was called forth.  I couldn’t believe that somebody who embodied such disrespect of women, of minorities, of the disabled was elected as a president.  I felt a deep despair for a day and then the inner fires started to burn like they’ve never burned before.

We have more work to do here sisters.  The Great Mother has stirred the pot of bravery, of fiereceness, of change within us all.  It is time for great healing and it has been brought forth, the mirror has shone in our faces.  In the end, perhaps this was the best thing that could have happened for it has ignited a passion and power in many women across the globe.  We are being called to be louder, bolder, stronger and more vocal for ourselves and for those who need support and advocacy.  We are being called to embody and bring forth the Great Mother energies into the world like never before.  It’s kind of exciting…you can feel a change occurring within many already…there’s a stirring strength in the air.  Can you feel it??

This Taurus Full Moon feels like a salute from the Great Mother herself.  Grandmother moon shines bright on our fiery, feminine souls and asks us to unleash our wild, passionate selves into our lives and thus into the world at large.  We do so my seeing why we are here.  What is our purpose and how do we bring it forth?  We can finally see, the moon is so bright it is shining it upon us.

Supermoon Ritual.- Connecting with The Great Mother and Finding Purpose

On this Full Moon, find a cozy, quiet place to light a candle or two.  Ignite some incents or sage breathe it in allowing your body to settle and relax.  See those glowing moon beams shooting through your body and calming you further and further with every breath.  Breathe them in and allow yourself to sink deep into yourself.  Walking down a flight of inner stairs into your deepest depths.  Imagine the Great Mother hugging you, nurturing you, filling you up with love and care with Her presence and energy.   See Her, what does she look like?  What is she wearing?  What does she feel like, sound like?  What colors does she wear?  What unique features does she have?  Feel her energy, what does it feel like?

She whispers something to you in your ear.  She’s asking if you can remember your purpose, your soul call, your stripe on the Earth.  As she whispers to you, you allow yourself to see an image emerge.  Go with what comes.

Draw it or describe it.

Become that image and journal/finish these sentences.  Talk as the image.

I feel….

The adjective that best describes me is….

I wish….

I must….

I need….

I will…..


Enjoy this glorious Supermoon friends!  Even if you just absorb the energy of the moon beams or feel the embrace of Grandmother Moon.  And so it is…our soul journeys are being called forth like never before.

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  1. This super moon post is wonderful! I’ve just found your site and I’m following now! I was wondering who’s artwork that is at the top of your post, of the grandmother holding the earth? I just love that so much. Thank you!

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