3 Gratitude Exercises for Thanksgiving.

loveAs I sit here on Thanksgiving Sunday (in Canada), I’m brought back to a time in my life that I lost everything…my house, my dogs, my marriage, my job. I simply had my son and a new start in a small apartment.  The slate was wiped clean and I was brought back closest to Source, closest to my truest Self, closest with the meaning of life.  It wasn’t things, it was health, love and family.  I felt most grateful at that time in my life, I survived. I felt closest to the Universe, to Creation, to love in the Divine World.  It’s so easy to forgot how abundant we truly are, especially when so much good happens in our life or life gets routine.  But my friends, routine is a gift.

So here are 3 small “Thanks” Giving exercises (gratitude) to remind ourselves of the glory of life.

  1. List 5 or 10 wonderful things in your life but don’t just list them, list why they are so wonderful.  I’m so thankful for my healthy kids because I know several people right now who have kids with illness and I can’t imagine, I’m so lucky.   I’m so grateful for food in the fridge and a roof over my head because many hurricane survivors don’t right now.  I’m grateful for gathering with friends and family because there are people out there who are alone.  I’m grateful for my baby’s cry because I know he is healthy enough to do so.  I’m grateful for my husband’s job, even though he is away working from us right now we are being provided for with it.  I’m grateful for the time I have home with my baby, even though it is tough because many people don’t get a full year and time will fly by, I’ll never have this precious time with him again.  I’m grateful for the quiet and stillness of where we live, I feel like it’s my own private, cozy retreat and I am so blessed.


  1. Take a look outside and be kissed by the beauty of the Earth Mother.  Yesterday driving home I was in awe of the beautiful yellow leaves that created a picturesque tree line along the highway. Gorgeous!  I felt like the beauty I was witnessing was a kiss from the Divine.  Think of all those leaves that have fallen and the journey they took this year from a bud in spring into a completed expression on the ground.  Think of how magically that tree survives each changing season, how it stands tall and gathers itself in the frigid winters and yet still comes back to life in spring.


  1. Indulge in what makes you happy.  Ignite your senses. Joy is contagious so spread it around by being joyful 🙂  Light some lovely smelling candles for the fall season…cinnamon, pumpkin, apple and just breathe in the lovely scents.  Let it remind you of fun memories of the fall season. Enjoy all those lovely senses, the smell of tea, coffee, baking bread, the fall colors, the crisp cool fall air, a cozy fire, a fine tasting wine.  Savour and enjoy all the small wonderous things life has to offer 🙂  (Also kisses from the Divine) 🙂

Happy Thanksgiving y’all.   I hope you bask in all the glory you have in your life 🙂  So many blessings to all of you who read my words, I am so blessed, humbled and grateful to you all.



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  1. Happy Canadian Thanksgiving from 1 Canuck to another🇨🇦.
    Thank you for the reminder to list our reasons for our gratitude…and to share our joy. Sometimes it is easy to hoard.

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