How to Interpret a Symbol/Message from Spirit.

symbolDo you ever wonder how to interpret or receive symbols from the other side?  Do you question if the feather you found or the word you saw was really a symbol from spirit or just your mind stretching for answers or connection?

I full-heartedly believe that symbols from our loved ones, spirit, the Universe, the Great Mother, our guides…etc. come to us in physical form.  It may be in the most unexpected ways.  Here’s the catch, you can’t look for them, they find you.  You can ask for a sign and allow it to appear but you can not seek it.

When it arrives, when the symbol or sign finds you, your heart palpitates for a second or it causes you to catch your breath.  You feel joy exploding from your chest or sometimes, a simple pause and curiosity.  That word or number you saw for the third time today really claims an awareness in your psyche.  That’s your unconscious poking you from within, saying…”this is a sign.”

But how do you interpret what the other side is saying???

Wait for it….

You sit, you feel, you see what comes to your mind first.  Or you converse with the symbol itself (instructions below).  This is a process to help you connect deep with you for your own answers.

Let me give you an example.  I’m due to have my baby any day now.  I went for a gentle walk during some contractions and found a little baby hawk feather and just instantly felt my heart pick up a new pace.  I felt excited like it were spirit or my baby himself giving me a clue that his arrival into this world was imminent.  As I kept walking I found a large Hawk feather, further validating my message from spirit.  To me I felt like my peeps on the other side were just affirming all will be good, he is coming very, very soon and all is well because I’ve been a bit nervous about my health.  It was simply a feeling, a knowing…a plugged in connection to something beyond me.  I simply had to allow the felt experience, the validation, not pick it apart or interpret it to death and lose the magic of it’s message.  It’s like receiving little love messages or validating and encouraging words on our paths.  Not something we need to make logically legit and prove the science on.

My husband asked, “how do you know it’s a message or sign?” referring to the feathers.  “It’s just a knowing,” a said.  Later that day I happened to take my Medicine Cards book by Jamie Sams out just to see if there were anything else that stood out in her writing about Hawk.  Get this…it actually says that the Hawk’s magical cry could be a sign of the birth of a child.  Like holy shit hey!

But sometimes, the messages don’t come in that clearly. Sometimes, we just need to honor that we have that inner tug, that something resonated…a word, a song, a picture, an object. Let it settle with you, let it gestate, allow a process to unfold.

Getting To Know Your Symbol

Here is a little journal or meditation technique you can use for some of your own inner guidance.

Sit and take some deep breaths, relax fully into your body.  Go to your happy, calm place.  Where is that?  What’s there? What colors do you see?  What sounds do you hear?  Are there any smells?  What sensations are there?

Now imagine the symbol you received sitting beside you on a blanket.  Imagine it were alive, like a being and it wanted to talk to you.  Say hi to it, acknowledge it’s presence.

Ask it…

How are you a message for me?  What do you want tell me?  And let it answer.  Just go with what comes.

I’m flying around you, ready to come.  I’m stalking out the trail, circling my path towards my new home.  I’m close, I’m here…get ready.  (my feather speaking to me…feels like the energy/spirit of my future son).

Is there anything you want to ask the symbol?  Let it answer.

Are you coming this weekend?  Maybe, there is no time here.  I when I see the portal open I will soar down there quickly, like a hawk on the hunt for mice.  Fast, fierce, ready to emerge, like the snap of your fingers.  Quick.

Is there anything I can do to help with your transition into this world?  Just stay relaxed, stay open, calm.  Try not to get antsy and annoyed I’m not coming, allow me to come in Divine Time, when the portal opens.

Will do 🙂  See you soon.  I kiss the feather (which is now a full hawk in my mind’s eye) on the head and thank it for coming.  He sails off and I bow my head in gratitude while bringing my awareness back to the physical world around me.


Just go with what comes, allow things to take shape and change shape.

Hope you enjoyed.



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5 Comments on “How to Interpret a Symbol/Message from Spirit.

  1. I had one of these happen to me today. I’ve been working all week with numbers and trying to get the right numbers line up and next week again it’s my top priority. I am taking a break this weekend after working super hard and trying not to feel guilty. I had some numbers line up for in an interesting while doing a home project that gave me a sign I am on the right path. To have faith that everything will go well next week.

  2. Thank you for sharing this. I tend to forget to ask for clarity sometimes. When I do ask, I usually get some kind of answer, usually in a dream.
    Happy Baby!!

  3. Sunday, 17th 11:11 Breakfast done, family dispersed. I’m sitting alone reading this message from u. Wind is blowing the hairs on my neck through the open window and what do I hear (as u bend down to pick up the feathers placed in your path),…the cry of a hawk. Thinking of u and your family.

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