July New Moon Ritual – Tap into Your Feminine Energy

Happy New Moon!!!womb

What can you say about this new moon? The energies feel fresh, like a new pattern forming. Last moon’s full moon broke us free from the stuckness, we became un-tethered and in some ways we still are, but there’s a freedom, a newness, a brand new energy coming in as a result.  Freedom….freedom….freedom!!!

This moon is a Cancer New Moon is about “initiating”. (Inspired by New Moon in Cancer: A New Step Forward. (http://www.collective-evolution.com/2016/07/03/new-moon-in-cancer-a-new-step-forward/ )  It’s also about family, love,connection, emotion, water, intuition…the feminine side of life.

“Initiating”…this word really stung me. Initiating the changes, the healing, the life force energies waiting for you to direct them.  There is still healing we are doing, still conversations and new directions to take but we have certainly got the ball rolling and good on ya’.

I sit here at 38 weeks pregnant, waiting, hoping for my baby to arrive.  Today seems like a beautiful day for that..the new moon.  Time will tell 😉

I can not wait, I’m buzzing with anticipation and excitement and yet I know the labour will be a painful transition but the new life, new love, the new form, the new family patterns await.  This feels quite symbolic to what we are going through spiritually, emotionally, intellectually and even physically as healing beings on this planet. We are in process of birthing new life forms and patterns but there is still some actions we must keep initiating to support our transition into new healing territory.

So enjoy this new moon filled with the energies of family, with love, connections, our wombs. Hone in on your emotional, creative and intuitive energy to guide you.  I read somewhere that we are being brought from our heads to our wombs on this New Moon so I invite you into a gentle ritual to honor this shift 🙂



Close your eyes, take some deep, relaxing breaths and see a safe, healing, loving place in your mind’s eye.  Just go with whatever comes first. Feel the temperature there, see the colors, hear the sounds, smell the smells. Breathe it in. Relax and allow your environment to soothe you like a gentle, loving hug from the Great Mother herself.  Imagine your womb, your sacred life vessel transformed into a healing guide that represents your creativity, your emotions, your feminine side of Self.  See this being walking towards you and sitting beside you. Greet this being with love. What do you notice about this part of you? What qualities or aspects stand out?  What questions do you have for your feminine self?  Let this being answer.  What does the healing guide want to tell you?  Offer thanks and love at the guide’s visit when you are done.  Do you want to give the healing guide and gift?  If so, do so and notice what it is.  Hug, shake hands or send some well wishes as you end your conversation and make plans to visit again.  Gently come back into the room, feel your feel, wiggle your hands and toes and journal about your discoveries.


When your ready draw or doodle your image, or vision. Journal about what came. Did you give your guide a gift?  What was it?  What do you imagine it means?  Ask it if you need to.  Allow any new insight to emerge and form some luscious new intentions for this moon cycle to get clear on this New Moon.

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And so it is



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