10 Ways to Spread Love in this Time of Sorrow.

loveIn my morning pages I spewed out the heavy grief I feel for the violence and lives lost in Orlando.  I just don’t understand hate or violence.  It shreds my insides like a butcher to ground meat.  I don’t know what to do with this heavy ball of grief, anger and sorrow blasting around inside of me.  As I wrote I got some inner guidance…SPREAD THE LOVE.  IN THE FACE OF HATE, SPREAD LOVE.  #spreadthelove

So here are some ways that thought I could spread the love. (Join me, create your own love list, or use my ideas, like just spread it around like butter on bread and remember there is still so much love and good in the world).

I remember reading this article (I’m not sure who wrote it or what it was titled) but it had an exercise in it called the Victory Log.  At the end of the day you make a victory log about how you went that extra mile in the day, small acts of kindness and good choices.  It also included accomplishments but I think we shall keep in the love, kindness, good choices and helpful department.

10 Ways to Express Love in the World (Ok actually like 15 ! lol)

Actually pick up the phone and call your grandma, your friends, your sister or whomever needs a pick me up and chat.

-Let someone at the restaurant know that the washroom is out of toilet paper so the person after you doesn’t have to well, um…suffer.

-Smile at people you pass by today.

-Be extra attentive and present with your kids, significant other, friends, etc.  Really listen and be in the moment with them. Connect.

-Go the extra mile, light some candles, make an extra special dinner, buy some flowers or coffee, or cake.  Make today count.

-Make your kids an extra special after school snack like a smoothie rather than a tube of yogurt and imagine it filled with your love.  Watch them sip it in.

-Send someone you love a card and letter.

-Visit someone you know might need your help (your friend who just had a baby or your widowed aunt).

-Set the intent to really bring love into whatever you are doing, whether it be positivity in the workplace, friendliness to a worker, making a super fun game for your kids.

-Be love, spread love, invite love in to your everyday spaces.  Say loving words, be affectionate, show appreciation, be kind, caring, adoring.  Send a loved one a loving text message about all you love about them and why.

-Connect, cuddle, hug, enjoy those you love.  Like really soak it in how lucky you are to have loving friends and family and be grateful today.  It’s so easy to take for granted, but today, soak in the gratitude and love.

-Make a gratitude list.

Pick up the garbage you see on the street.  Care for Mother Earth and show her. 

Water and weed your flower beds with love and appreciation for all the beauty in the world.

-Donate blood or money to a charity close to your heart or to the food bank.

-Do something good today.  Share with us what it is.


Okay, I’ll stop there.  But friends, lets’ unite and be the love we want to see in our world.  Spread it in your everyday life, no grand gesture or act needed but intent, appreciation, gratitude and giving back.  Connect to your community, unite, hold space,hug your family, spread the love!!!  Share your ideas…please!!!! 🙂


And so it is.





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