4 Simple Ways to Ritual with Spring.

spring picHappy Spring Folks and Friends 🙂

Today I feel inspired to make a clean slate, a fresh start.  It’s time to get the energies going.  I wish for you today to really just feel the joy of the change of season, feel the energy of awakening.

Here a 4 Fun and Easy Ways to Dance Into Spring:

1) Burn Bay leaves.  On these bay leaves you can list what you’d like to accomplish this spring season.  Burn in a bowl and let the smell invoke a fresh energy and mood enhancing breeze in your home.

2)  Word associate with Spring.  Just indulge and roll around in the Energy of our Earth Mother re-awakening and bringing back the light.  Just word associate.  Put a circle with the word Spring in the middle and make branches of words that come to mind.  Don’t think just do.  Allow the creative flow. Here’ mine.  Spring-renewal-rebirth-inspiration-ignition- sparkle-dance-fly-take flight-BEGIN!  See what comes it’s so joyful 🙂

3) Make a seasonal To-Do list.  Include both feminine (being) and masculine (doing) goals…ie make sure you make space to reflect, write, create, alongside your 101 goals 😉 Heck make this into a little collage, get inspired!

4) Buy some colorful flowers for your space, your home, your loved ones.  Invoke the energy of spring, color and light.  Open the windows, feel the breeze, bring in new wind-songs into your home.

And so it is.

Happy First Day of Spring my Friends.  May you enjoy the lovely new energies of Spring herself.

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2 thoughts on “4 Simple Ways to Ritual with Spring.”

  1. I made some fancy nuts from my salad recipe books. Made a list of salads and bought all the ingredients.

    Take such good care of yourself just like a spring flower.

    Not sure what the Haiku rules are and too lazy to google.

    Happy spring!

  2. Hey Crystal where can I find Bay Leaves?

    Haiku poem is five syllables then seven syllables then five syllables for anyone who wants to try.

    Spring change blossom grow
    Develop produce shine bright
    Transform beautiful

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