A fun and simple New Year Ritual.

loveYeehaw…New Year’s.  A new time, a new slate. A fresh beginning.  Like a trail of snow, untouched, waiting for your feet to mark imprints towards uncharted territory.  2015 was a year of slugging through the old, stuck, mucky waters.  It was a year of figuring out what now, what next, what do I want..who am I? Where am I headed?

I pulled a tarot card (from my new deck gifted to me by one of my bff’s) called Native Spirit oracle cards.  I got the Sacred Mountain card when I asked for guidance as we approach 2016.  It spoke of retreating, seeking quiet and solitude to find answers.  It reflected  a slow, gentle, meditative pace. Just as one travels up a mountain at a slow, steady pace, we to are to approach this year with steadiness, reflection, meditation and deep inner rooted-ness.  This is how we will be lead, this is where we find guidance and power.

Do not force things, allow them to come into your life.  Do not fight your way out of uncertainty, allow it to lead you to something new that is being un-veiled and un-covered one layer at a time.

It’s a year to really find balance between your physical life and your spiritual life.  Really focus on your emotional and spiritual nourishment as you go about your life.  It’s not just about doing, accomplishing, achieving.  It’s about connecting, enjoying, and savoring.


2016 is a 9 year.  A year of endings, wrapping things up.  With endings come a whole bunch of new….new beginnings….new experiences…new relationships or partnerships…a new way to do life.  Rebirth.  Freedom.  Excitement.  NEW!!!

I’m excited…and at times overwhelmed.  I listed a few goals I have and I notice a heaviness immediately.  So screw that idea. Having vision doesn’t have to be heavy, burdensome or dark.

What if we went about this new year a little differently.  What if we made it about wishes….what wishes do you have this year?  What do you wish for your expression in the world?  What do you wish for yourself in 2016?   What do you wish to try or experience?

So rather than making a list of heavy, performance marking goals, list your wishes! Wish for fun. Wish to indulge in magic more often.  Wish to easily and joyfully accomplish….Wish to go a ballet this year because you love it.  Wish to take a whole weekend for yourself.  Wish to write a chapter of a book.  Wish for great family fun like a picnic at the park.   Wish for success and completion of a project.  Wish for participating in monthly new moon rituals.  Wish for pulling back and being gentle. Wish for connection.

So, what do you wish to experience this year?  List it and wish away.

Make a collage of all these wishes or things that inspire you or that you’d like to do experience this year.

New beginnings and wishes is fun, uplifting, inspiring.

Wish away.  Happy, healthy, joyful, magical, fun New Year.

And so it is.



8 Comments on “A fun and simple New Year Ritual.

  1. What an absolutely fresh & inspiring way to approach 2016 with wishes! Reading your article made my heart feel bubbly with the idea that dreams and wishes could come true…

  2. I wish to let go of things that I have no control of. I wish to go and pass my GED. I wish to go away for a weekend in Baltimore Maryland. I wish to find a good job. I wish to find my soulmate

  3. Blessed new year to you, Crystal. Thank you for this gentle, self-loving ritual. Wishes..I like that approach..And also what you wrote about finding balance between the physical life and the spiritual life. And, for me, this beckons also to a more active physical life. A year of embodiment. Of owning my body, my physical temple, and choosing to really inhabit it. And so it is. Blessings <3

  4. Many thanks, Crystal, for this gentle and self-loving ritual. Allowing uncertainty to lead one toward new ways to do life. Choosing wishes rather than goals. And a year to find balance between ones physical life and ones spiritual life…And, for me, that thought beckons also to a more active physical life…a year of embodiment…of owning my body, my physical temple, and choosing to really, actively, inhabit it. And so it is. Blessings to you for a wish-filled year <3

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