A Full Moon & Your Own Soul Devotion

releasing moonWow, it’s the full moon already.  And it’s a gorgeous, bright, super moon, meaning the moon is closest to the Earth and appears bigger.  We feel things more intensely.  It’s a bigger impact on us in the most fabulous of ways.

This full moon calls us to get focused, find clarity and take action.  This moon falls in the sign of Taurus, an earthy sign.  And it asks us to tend to the physical.  Get scheduled, make lists, eat well, rest, exercise.  Take extra care of our bodies.

As I sat and felt the energies of Grandmother Moon, I was asked “What experiences of felt senses do you want in your life?” Hmmm…what do I want to feel?  What am I looking to experience?  For me, I want connection, inspiration and joy.  Now my task is to define how I shall accomplish this.  How can I seek connection with others?  How can I find inspiration?  What offers me joy?

The key here this month alongside clarity, focus and action is devotion.  Are we devoted to the feelings and experiences we seek?  Are we devoted to find them?  Or are we more devoted to other things?  Or are we simply distracted and not devoted.  This is my intent this moon, to live with devotion to myself and my soul path and for me that is making some changes.  It is being more committed, more disciplined in devoting my awareness, my thoughts, my actions, my feelings to my soul and my deep spiritual longings.  It is jotting ideas down and beginning to take steps to do the ideas…now!

It is committing to discovering where and how I can find connection with others, others who seek deep, soulful nourishment just like me.  It is walking around in my life with my heart wide open, cracked into the awe of the universe.  It’s intense for me to feel so deeply, so often.  I’m still learning to balance that.  Sometimes in yoga, just by sitting in my vulnerability, in my cracked wide open realness, heart chakra just there and un-protected I feel anxiety.  I am devoting my energy this month to explore this, to sit with it more,to get curious about this old pattern.

I pulled a tarot card for the Full Moon and the card “Stand Your Ground” emerged from the Psychic Tarot deck by John Holland. “…Be brave and true to your core life values and belief system, which are your best allies and will help you move forward.  It’s important to remain clear and focused, for you may have to stand alone and defend your convictions at the end. Maintain your health and stay strong so that you have an ample supply of energy to endure anything, as this could be a long and arduous yet, ultimately, hard-won victory.

A perfect card for a Taurus Full Moon.  For me I’m doing a bit of a cleanse, no alcohol for at least 30 days.  I want to stay clear and focused, refreshed,  That means no glass of wine here and there to soothe the anxiety, agitation or emotional tugs coming forth from my own guidance system.  It’s intense, at times I simply want to shut it off but instead I must distract another way or sit with it, feel it, simply let it be there talking to me, guiding me.  This will allow me to move forward with clarity.  I have been a bit strapped and tethered to inertia, in stuckness, I must shake up the routine to get out.  I must practise devotion, devotion to myself and my health, like it were it’s own spiritual practice.  I am choosing a devotion practise of no alcohol, every day yoga, reading, meditating.  I am devoting to my art and creations, both furniture re-purposing and writing.

Don’t get me wrong, I want to flee…often. I want to have a glass of wine and unplug, shut off, disconnect…take a break.  But I am devoting and committing to my center, to my goal of health, to my art as though it were a Divine practise, an act of power.  It’s tough shit!! lol but very healing, deepening and interesting.

Full Moon Writing Ritual – Devotion.

Set up a special space, incense, candles, maybe some music.  Get out your journals and pens. And here we go…

So ask yourself…”What experiences or felt experiences do you want in your life?  Just write and see what comes. How do I get these? With who? Where? When? How?

The word Devotion has been on my mind lately.  What does devotion mean to you? Where are you devoted in your life and how?  What if you had devotion to your soul?  What would that look like?  Put your timers on for 6 minutes and just free flow write. Do not lift your pen off the page as you answer each question.  Particularly, what would it look like it you had devotion to your own soul?

And so it is friends 🙂   Happy, healthy Full Moooooonnnn!!

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Photo: Full Moon Ritual by Patricia Telesco, ©1999

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