Creative Ways to Be “Of Service.”

serviceBeing of service has been on my mind lately.  I am unable to commit to volunteer at a center on a regular basis but feel I need to offer something…love, kindness, support.  I want to be of service to the Universe, to Creation, to my life and my loved ones and came up with a few ideas and alternative, every day life ways we can all be of service in our homes and communities.  (By the way, if you can regular volunteer or offer services somewhere that is fantastic!!)

1. If you see garbage, pick it up.  Be of service to the Earth Mother, show respect and honor to the Earth by picking up empty cans, or garbage on the street or road.  There is no reward for you, just a deep humbling knowing that you are contributing to make the Earth better, cleaner, polluter free.   I mean, how often do you walk by that take out bag on the road.  It matters that it’s there, so pick up  and dispose of it.

2.  Visit your lonely grandma, neighbor, aunt or friend who has a new baby.  We mean well.  We mean to go visit more often but we don’t.  Be of service by offering your heart, your attention, your connection to those who are lonely, isolated or unable to get out as much as they used to.  I know I need to visit my grandmas far more often as well as a couple friends who have newborns and are likely struggling with the shocking transition.  Sometimes, just showing up for someone, is the best offering you can give, no strings attached.  That is love, that is connection, that is Divine.  I just found out my new neighbor is a bit lonely when her husband is away travelling for work.  I will knock on her door and ask her for a walk this week.

3. Become a foster parent for an animal shelter.  I feel the need to share this one because I have done this several times and it is a deep, rich and at times challenging experience.  These rescued pups or animals of any sort need a home, a second chance, be the first to show them what love and kindness really looks and feels like.  My last foster Jamal, a 120+ plus pound Bull-mastiff, had a sweet kind, giant heart and a few behavioural problems.  He wasn’t taught anything, he wasn’t shown love, but he innately trusted humans and was a gentle giant. I continued to exercise my patience and show him love and compassion and understanding.  I wasn’t going to give up on that fellow and he got adopted.  🙂  So rewarding.

4. Go the extra mile for your family, your husband, your children, your parents or your sister.   Make them feel so fully loved, so fully special by preparing two cups of tea, some biscuits, candles and jazz music and simply connect.  Make an extra effort at supper, make it special, exciting, exceptional.  Show up for them fully, whole heartedly…that means put your phone away, turn the computer off and go play hide and seek with your kids.  Be of service to your family, my being present in this beautiful moment.

There are many, many, many other creative ways to be of service.  Being of service is having a conscious intention to show up, to be present, to be kind, to be loving, to be witness or compassionate or caring.  It can be elaborate, it can be with the poor, the sick, the homeless, those in need of extra support (yes, yes yes!!! please do this if you can) but it can also be in your every day life, in your community, in your family and even in your yard.   Please comment on some of your ideas to make the world a more loving, caring place!! 🙂

Be of service, be consciously intent of being love in your love and allow yourself to be Creation in its fullest form. Be love, be joy, be caring, give a shit and show up 🙂

That’s all.

much love



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