Teachings from a Duck on this New Moon.

ducksThis New Moon has kinda kicked my butt.  There’s been a lot of uncertainty and chaos, things not going as planned.  That’s why this post is late,  my plane ride to return home was unexpectedly cancelled.  I had to stay another night in Calgary, with no luggage!   We had to get up at 4am to catch our newly scheduled 615 flight.  Good times with a five year old I tell ya’!

Then when we get home I find myself in conflict with someone in my life.  This person and I do not get along but they are in my life whether I like it or not and I must deal with this person and their actions on a regular basis.

So I do what I do and I pulled a tarot card to help me sort through the chaos.  What did I get…the Harmony card or in traditional decks the Lovers card.  Funny how I get Harmony when I feel in chaos. what a gift 🙂

“The Harmony card is calling to let you know that it’s time for you to make choices in certain relationships.  The bonds you form with others are really about you – even in the most difficult situations.  They are mirrors for you, always reflecting back what you need to see.

Ask yourself…

What am I learning from this relationship?

What new qualities am I learning about myself?

What is being mirrored or shone to me so I could see where I need adjustments?

As I sat and pondered this relationship I asked the universe for a sign, a signal to assist during this difficult conflict.  And suddenly about ten to twelve ducks appeared floating on the creek by my house.

To see Ducks flying in your dream signifies your spiritual freedom. They are your connections between the spiritual and the physical worlds. You have always got a choice about how you choose to see the world around you. By staying in the present moment you can find peace. To see a Duck swimming is your connection with the unconscious and emotional body. They are reminding you that by allowing yourself to be vulnerable emotionally – you are freed to move on with your life. You have the ability to blend and adapt to different situations.

Alternatively the dream may suggest that you are setting yourself up, or are being set up “for the kill”. Are you being targeted like the proverbial sitting Duck? A Duck in your dream can also signify that you are “ducking” some issue or situation instead of dealing with it.

You are being asked to take notice of your surroundings because a new opportunity is now being offered to you. She is reminding you that in order to succeed with this opportunity you will have to move forward swiftly so that your new ideas can take flight. Duck is making it very clear that in order to be successful with your goals you have to move now!   (From  http://www.spirit-animals.com/duck/)

Duck is also has to do with speaking your truth.  It is a confident bird, it comes into the universe knowing what to do and how to do it, it swims and glides easily on the water, it naturally just knows.  The mother ducks guide their babies from the trees where she brings them food and eventually directly into the water where they automatically know how to swim.  They teach us to trust our inner knowing as they do when they glide on the water.  They have a strong inner knowing of what to do, even when the current gets tough, they simply glide with the waters.

Duck reminds us to follow this knowing and glide forward with the current.  Trusting this knowing will allow us to speak our truths more clearly and confidently.  Duck reminds me to just keep gliding forward, following my inner knowing on what to do, even in chaos.  There’s a calming, graceful, serene energy duck offers us, just be in the moment and glide on forward.

So on this interesting New Moon, let’s get clear on what we need and want. Write it out. Express it, plan for it and take action.  And so it is friends 🙂

xo Crystal

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