Full Moon and Eclipse Arrows Ritual

full moon portalHappy Full Moon & Lunar Eclipse.

This feels like a powerful time, a life-changing, energy shattering moment that can alter our paths in the best of ways.  I actually feel this Full Moon/Eclipse to be a good, high energy, positive change.

This last month many of us have gone through a soul cleanse, clearing away the dark debris of our pasts and wounds so our light can shine it’s brightest, so love and abundance can move in most fully.

Now is the portal, the cycle of change, the vortex of new life and rebirth.

This morning I heard a funny sound out the window and looked out into my yard and seen hundreds and hundreds of little blackbirds singing in my trees.  There are literally hundreds of them.  As they move, they move together, like a big black wave, dancing from tree side to tree side. It’s beautiful, like a sea of change, lurking around my life.  They are symbolic to the energy swirling around at this full moon/eclipse, it’s intense and potent but we can muster this energy into beauty,into positivity and into our own energy wells.  These birds are circling the sky, opening the portal, they are swarming the grounds and trees for food and when they fly it’s pure magic, its synchronicity in sight, as though their flight was a song from the universe signalling this magical time, this opening about to occur.

So use this time, this energy, this magical portal and do what you love today.  Write, read, sing, dance, paint, draw, cook, play, whatever you love…do this!!  Now is the time for life, joy, and excitement.  Harness the energy and do what you love as an act of grace, as an act of commitment to the universe signalling your commitment to your own joy and purpose.

I used to be hyper-alert, hyper-vigilant for potential danger or people or scenarios that could cause me pain.  I’d approach life on the defense, ready to run or react from harm.  Yesterday I chose a different way I went about my way looking for joy, soaking it in, being in beauty…period.  And you know what, I had one hell of a magical day!

So indulge yourself in joy as we jump through this life-changing, course altering, life enhancing portal of eclipse and enjoy the rewards.  We are getting closer and closer to doing our soul thang’!


On this Full Moon, we can make two arrows to honor this important shift in energy.  Gather two sticks of any size.  If you can paint one black and the other in a color that symbolizes life and abundance for you.  Or you can wrap some wool or colored string around each one as well.  Heck you can even color them with markers.  There is no wrong way, this is about intention.

  1. The Death Arrow – The Black Arrow

Write down what you want to release.  What have you worked so hard on this month in yourself.  What have you been releasing?  Write it down on a paper and tie it to the black arrow.

    2. The Life Arrow – Colored or White Arrow

Dream and envision yourself doing what you love, what you want.  Who are you with?  What are you doing? Where are you? See yourself at your fullest, your fulfillment meter at its’ highest.  What is occurring around you?  What are you doing so you are full of life and love?  Write it down and tie it to your Life Arrow, your colorful arrow.

If you can, burn the death arrow, release what no longer serves you.  Read out loud what you shall release.

Place your life arrow in the ground or in a plant so you can see it and remember, and honor your path to fulfillment.

Enjoy this magical, soul moving vortex.

And so it is…



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http://escaped-emotions.deviantart.com/art/Dancing-with-the-Birds-Jump-52-277986712  (picture 1)

Picture 2 – Arrows from Pinterest

4 Comments on “Full Moon and Eclipse Arrows Ritual

  1. Thank you for such a great post with awesome instructions for the ritual. But what if its raining and I can’t burn the black arrow. Have a blessed day.

    • Burn within the 3 day window of full moon and all is good. You can also break stick into pieces and release back to the Earth… Hope that helps :). Happy full moon

      • Thanks so much. One other question. As long as I break it into a bunch of pieces I’m ok. But what about the fact that I’m burying the other arrow, it won’t interfere?

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