7 Simple Rituals to Harness the Energy of this Full Moon

cleansing full moonAhhh….the full moon.  Perhaps the right word is eeeekk!  Intensity this month, sorting through our wounds, our darkness, or shadow selves and allowing it all to cleanse away by swimming through it.

In the last day or so I have felt a strong need to cleanse my house.  I’ve smudged it and used my rattles to break up all the stuck, stagnant, heavy energy.  I’ve even had to re-arrange some furniture because the energy still felt heavy as it was.  I sorted through old papers and burned away all old ideas, and extra stuff I didn’t tend to.  I’m clearing the way for clarity.

This moon cycle has been intense.  We are still going through Venus retrograde and purifying ourselves from our stuff yet unhealed.  More action is needed, we must really focus now.   I drew two tarot cards for this full moon and they were “Conflict & Defeat” as well as “Suffering in Silence”.  Heavy stuff folks.

For me I’ve been struggling with health issues for over a year and half now.  I get daily blood infusions and recently paid for some Lyme Disease testing.  It came back negative even though I felt for sure it would be positive.  Not that I wanted Lyme Disease, but I wanted an underlying diagnosis to help clear up whatever the heck is causing my immune system to be so out of whack.

I felt defeated, deflated and saddened for a good solid day.  Then the next day I was driving and just heard the winds whisper ever so silently, ” just allow life to be as it is for today.”  Sometimes I try so hard to find a solution, to get better, to fight it, to change the circumstance rather than just accepting that right now, at this moment I can’t change it.  A surrender happened, a softening, an allowing of what is for right now.   I could just let it be there. Maybe I simply need to be going through this right now.  It doesn’t mean I’m giving up hope for change or healing in the future, even near future, it just means for today, right now, I accept what is.  I can let go of my reaching hand for something different in this moment and find the beauty of the right now.  There’s a Divine Trust in this, an allowing of what is as the Universe and Cosmos wish.  It’s a surrender, a  shedding of control of how I think it should be and an allowing of a process that seems to need to occur.  And you know, I’ve found myself on another path with all this too!

What if things are perfectly imperfect as they are meant to be in this moment?

As I was writing this piece, my son picked a tarot card and it was Transformation.  “Death of an old way of thinking and believing must occur before you can move forward on your new path.  Transformation is all about ebb and flow of life cycles. Nothing in this life remains motionless; everything is on its way to somewhere.”

So on this Full Moon, this Supermoon, surrender to what is.  Feel it in the moment, just allow whatever is there.  And let it ebb and flow.  Take some time to sit with what is and allow it to float away like a cloud in the night sky.

7 Ritual Ideas to cleanse away and simultaneously ignite the new for this full moon.

1)Burn old papers you no longer need and file and organize what you do need.  No more chaos.

2)Clean out drawers, closets, junk drawers etc.,

3)Change your furniture around.  Move some plants or pictures around.  Rotate the bed in a new position.  Anything to change it up.

4)Smudge your home or open up as many windows as possible and put some oil on your screens so the wind sweeps through and cleanses out your home as she blows through it.

5)Have an Epsom Salt bath with any essential oils of your choosing.  Cleanse out your body, detox, let go…

6) After you’ve cleansed the old, write out the new.  Focus what you want.  Put some dates on it, some timelines and action plans.  Really focus here.  Make a collage, a vision board, pull out images from magazines that spark you soul or call to you in some way. What is being revealed?  Gather your friends for an evening of vision boarding and inspire and encourage each other.  Have everyone bring 5 magazines and sort through them all.  Pull out words, images, colors that excite your senses.

7) Have a fire, throw in some sage and cedar.  Do something creative and fun.  Do what excites you, what is your passion?  What gives you joy?  Is it hosting a family dinner?  Is it painting?  Is it swimming?  Do what gives you goosebumps.

And so it is!!

Happy Full Moooooon!!

xo Crystal

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9 Comments on “7 Simple Rituals to Harness the Energy of this Full Moon

  1. I am going to do #6! After moving lots of stuff in the house has been cleaned and moved around.

    Just being or going with the flow is hard. I have been actively working on that for 1 or 2 years now and I still haven’t quite wrapped my head around it. Just be. Was what I was told.

    • Totally hear that Ang! Surrending to what is and allowing is quite opposite of all we have been taught as a human nation. It’s a feminine teaching….I think we too need the masculine energy of doing to manifest but sometimes there is an allowing that needs to occur, a tide we must follow. Hope you had a great full moon. 🙂

  2. Maybe I’m doing my spring cleaning a little late; but i too have been in cleaning and purging mode. Both my living space and my body have been getting a redo. 4th week of sugar detox and more energy to sort home stuff that piles up. Timing is everything. Alignment is superb Now to focus on writing the new..

    • Wow good for you Lynn. A sugar detox is tough!!! I too feel called to clean out the diet some. Timing is everything and intuition usually brings us there hey!! 🙂 Awesome stuff

  3. Hy dear sister. It is always a pleasure to read you, welcoming your wise words in my house, inviting you to sit with me in the kitchen, sharing a cup of tea like old friends…  Tonight I read your concern about your health… My heart exhale pure LOVE towards yours… Just want to share with you… even you perhaps already know that, meaning you surely have made a TONS of researches to find out what the f*ck is going there…  😉 ok then, blood is the Material Manifestation of our Soul, and Blood literally our Emotions… soooo what Fluidity is about your Heart?, does the Tides’ s Flow of your Feelings Dance gently through Inspiration and Expiration? Blood like Water…Running through our whole Body…. like a River Carrying the most precious Parts of Ourselves… Blood holding the Warmth of our Hearts, the Heat of the Fire of Love… Hope it is clear enough…french speaking traduction 😉 Just to say, I hold a healing space for you… yes, sister all on the same boat…trying hard to be Who We realy Are… what a journey! All together we make it!!! Wishing you an amazing HERE and NOW… Read you soon, xx

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    • Wow Claire Deau !! Thank you so much. Yes, blood and heart, blood and soul. I have been cleansing, moving more fully and powerfully towards my soul. My blood issue has stripped me of all my “roles” and “hats” and fully into my soul body. Very interesting, humbling, powerfully beautiful and yet challenging depending on the day 😉 Thank you so much for your words and guidance and love. I honor them deeply and humbly. Beautifully written!!! Blessings to you !! 🙂

  4. Good suggestions, Crystal, for this time in the lunar cycle and also ongoing. I found myself going gently, simply, and doing the ‘hearth (and energy) tending’ as well. Thank you for sharing so honestly and tenderly from your own experiences now, too. Blessings to you, Jamie

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