A Simple Dark Moon Ritual.

dark moonTonight marks the Dark Moon, well the last of it anyways as tomorrow we start a New Moon cycle.  This past month has been an emotional one, at times heavy and dark, sad and glad.  I’ve shed many tears this month and cleansed my soul palette.  It has been challenging and yet refreshing, I feel lighter and calmer…finally.  I had moments where I thought this was it, I’m headed to full blown breakdown only to come to a pond of tears and find out I was okay.  I could simply sit with the grief, hold it, cradle it, full blown feel and set it on its way like a leaf floating on the water.

I’ve been grieving my old standard of life and well-being, the old amounts of energy I had, a loss I experienced and didn’t let myself feel until now.  I was stripped down to the bones, my soul bones, and in many ways feel like I’m saying good bye to my old life.  A new set of wings await me, a new way of doing everything has emerged and I’m in transition, in process of finding this new way.  I’m trying to get comfortable with these new wings.  It changes everything, everything looks different, feels different.  My needs are different, my wants and desires, my ideas about what I wanted.  It’s all changing and it’s okay.


So tonight we honor the old, we lay it to rest.  We take some moments alone, in silence, in retreat, in reflection and we hold the past, the loss, the end of era in our hands.  Maybe it’s an ending of a relationship or job, or house or whatever, we simply lay it to rest.  If you can grab a stone and write on it that which you wish to bury, to honor it’s death and ending.  Bury the stone into the Earth Mother under the dark moon sky and say your last and final good-byes.  Maybe you want to write a good-bye letter or simply say some words in your mind or out loud.

This clearing, this ending is prepping us for the new life, new energy that lies ahead.

For me it’s my old life.  It’s never coming back and I can come to accept that so the new one I’ve been trying on can fully blossom.  I don’t have to reach backwards anymore, clinging onto something that I can’t find.

Let’s clear the waters for the New Moon tomorrow.

And so it is 🙂

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Artwork created by Mickie Mueller.

Fantasy and Fairy Art of Myth and Legend


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  1. I agree, it has been a very emotionally heavy month. I’ve been grieving the loss of a job, relationship, and friendship. It feels paralyzing almost. I did this ritual during the blue moon period and it had been an on going process. Thank you for sharing these beautiful words with us <3 enjoy your day!

  2. Amazing article. You articulate your emotions and processes so beautifully. I have noted such phases and experiences akin to wings and shedding of the past. Difficult but soulful times. Clearer, more abundant and loving times ahead.


  3. I just stumbled upon this beautiful description of the end of the Dark Moon cycle. I felt the same way, sad, weak (I’m never weak) crying a great deal. Thought it was just me. But today I feel back to relative normalcy. Despite the facts that I’m ALMOST divorced after 30+ years (29 married) together, his betrayal. Twins graduating from college this past May, putting my house on the market shortly, then moving to a new town,a new home. And I’m having my elbow replaced in a few weeks. I’ve had both hips replaced and a knee replaced last December as well as back surgery in March. It is just part of my life and it’s what makes me a strong warrior. I have had arthritis similar to Rheumatoid Arthritis since 19 (56 now). It is what it is and all I keep thinking about is how much I’m looking forward to moving to my new town (with the new elbow) as a single strong happy woman. 🎈I’m soooo excited.

  4. This is a super simple and very basic moon ritual that you can start doing tonight and every time you just need some quiet time or time to reflect. You ll understand why in a moment.

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