A Blue Moon Lesson & Releasing Ritual.

blue moonThis month there is just so much going on, isn’t there?  At this Blue Moon (second full moon in one month), we are asked to move through shtuff and let it go.  I’ve been so sensitive this month, really reacting to lots, aware of much coming up for me. Puddles of grief and anger have re-surfaced and I even had to go a Bio-energetic counselling session to literally scream it out.  I twisted towels in anger, banged my feet against a block and allowed to tears to leak out like rushing waterfalls.  I made room to sob.  Yup, I sobbed and sobbed it out.  It was free-ing and exhausting, and it took all I had to give myself permission and space to do it.  I knew it was what needed to be done, even though I  kinda didn’t want to because it isn’t fun or easy.  I’ve been quite low key and low energy since the major release but certainly calmer and clearer.

I’ve come face to face with a pattern this month.  An old and familiar wound.  You see, I’m an Empath, I feel things deeply, I can feel energy and other people’s shtuff.  I can also feel deeply my own truth in my feelings.  I feel like my soul constantly meets these systems, these patriarchal, logical, linear, needing physical, material proof systems that focus on facts.  And my body, my sweet, alive, LOUD, soul expressing, feeling howling body speaks another Truth.

Sometimes the facts don’t align.  I come face to face with logic or someone else’s truth and it doesn’t align with mine.  My feelings,my body, my despair, my fear….they start to scream.  They howl until my gut is all twisted up.  I try and share my feelings, my gut instinct so to speak and it’s denied, ignored or even made fun of.  It’s so out there, so off beat, so opposite of what the facts are saying.  I’m accused of being wrong, or inaccurate or negative or whatever the case may be.

I’ve struggled with my voice, with knowing how to be heard.  With how and where to express some Truths with a capital T when the facts are saying otherwise.

I feel caught…stuck… my awareness is standing between logical truth and Mystery Truth.  A system or a person with authority, even someone in my life is telling me something that is not true for me and I feel a strong pang in my gut, it doesn’t ring true for me.  Something doesn’t feel right.  My body is very attuned, my inner knowing comes far before the facts show up and I have this habit of doubting Her.  Not because I don’t believe her but because I don’t know how to express my knowing and the yet to be revealed facts.  I’ve been rejected and taken a strip off of one too many times for knowing what has not yet been shown.

I reveal the truth to soon because I’m desperate to be heard and understood, even valued by others because I haven’t done that for myself.  I wait for them to give me permission to believe the Mystery of my intuitive, feeling expressing body.  And it doesn’t come, we live in a logic oriented world, where the physical and the logical are more valued and accepted than the magical and emotional.

I don’t trust that people value my feelings or intuitive knowings so I get quiet and deny my body.   I feel like I work hard to try and convince them of a point of view they simply don’t get or can’t see or understand.  And I get stuck in chaos, in anger, and in doubt and uncertainty in myself.  Am I wrong?  Am I missing something?  And I get frozen in that spot. The web of grief overtakes me and I move into the common wound.  I keep thinking I need and want someone to accept my strong feminine nature, my intuitive, emotional feeling ways and celebrate them rather than demean and diminish them and I wallow in the pain of been invalidated or denied.

I see now, it is me who must move from wallowing to being my own salvation.  I must be the people or person who celebrates and accepts and BELIEVES in myself and my gifts no matter what.  If they don’t hear or agree or understand, so what! I doesn’t mean I’m wrong or I need to explain myself better, it means I simply must find another door or road to support the Truth.  It’s a signpost leading me to another direction, not a rejection letter.

I can find another way, another door, another road, another person who hears me and validates me.  I can find support where there is support. I can ask the universe, my angels, my guides to lead the way, show me another road or trail that can support my knowing or Truth.  I don’t have to dwell in the cell of rejection, or feeling of being un-valued or unheard.  I don’t need to waste my time trying to get heard by people and systems who have dead ears.  I can go another way, I can find another trail where we all play the same harp songs.

I go through this lesson over and over to remember it is in my own self-acceptance.  I’ve come into this world to accept myself even if I am different, not to be accepted by others.  The later will come when I do the work first.  It’s like a sacred relationship with myself, a testing, a learning curve.  I get there….eventually but I need not keep going through the long, treacherous painful process of self-doubt.  Usually when the Truth finally reveals itself I’m full of buckets and pockets of grief and pain because I REJECTED MYSELF.  I knew all along and I didn’t believe myself, instead I followed what the doctor, or lawyer or other person unable to hear my Truth because the facts had not yet come.  And I’m tired of rejecting myself!  In fact I will no longer do it!

So on this full and blue moon, let’s howl it out.  Sing some songs, scream, twist towels in anger and release it out.  Get our voices out into the universe and sing our soul songs.  Play some fun,uplifting music and sing along.  Scream out what you no longer will carry.  Scream out your worth, your value, your gifts.  Scream out a love song yourself!

A BLUE MOON RITUAL:blue moon ceremony

Alright, let’s make this fun and magical.  Put on something blue, a blue scarf, shirt, blue nail polish, a necklace or ring.  Or all of the above!   Have some candles, light some incense, heck even get a couple fireworks.  Light a small fire outside or even candles and write on papers what you wish to release and burn that shit up!

I release…

Self- Doubt – Burn it!

Control – Burn it!

Frustration and anger- Burn it!

Grief – Burn it!

Now Make another list and carry it with you.


I choose self-love, self-acceptance.

I choose to another another’s point of view.

I choose to another my point of view.

I choose to allow myself to work with the Mystery to be guided and find my way, my voice, my path.

I choose to believe in magic.

I choose to accept my glorious gifts and share them, not hide them.

I choose to honor myself and others.


I ask you Great Spirit, Grandmother moon, my guides, ancestors, angels, helpers and all beings who love me to show me and guide…

My way

My expression of my soul easily and freely

An easy manifestation of my soul work

The formal and form you best want me to express myself.

Lead me, I shall follow.

To wrap up this ritual do something you do once in a blue moon, like taking a skinny dip, have a unique supper like a fondue or buy champagne and toast the moon.  Make a Moon Garden, a place in your yard with special stones and objects or fairy houses, anything unique and special on this special occasion.  Celebrate this rare moment in time but doing something fun and radical for yourself or for you and your significant other.   

Enjoy this once this beautiful Blue Moon and release the old while welcoming in the new!  This is a time or major healing and releasing.

And so it is!

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18 Comments on “A Blue Moon Lesson & Releasing Ritual.

  1. Thank you for sharing. As a Empath I have been feeling a lot of the same things. I’m looking forward to the Blue Moon tomorrow night so things can be released and so I can recharge myself and my crystals. Again thank you!

  2. It felt as if your words were mine. ..never expressed… Thank you. .. Will definitely do the ritual.

  3. Wow exactly how I am doing. Thanks for putting it in words.

  4. Thank you for your honest voice and words of wisdom.

  5. Your words speak truths to many of us. Often when I hear those things from others I realize they are not enlightened, are not leaders and follow others in that area. They are burdened themselves because they can’t speak their own truths and are a reflection of the people they spend their time with.

    It’s always frustrating when people don’t listen and only speak, or they pretend to hear you. Sometimes after the conversation a reflection happens and they hear what you were saying after you are gone.

    I am too in a few situations where I need to speak out and share some truths. Some are being accepted when they hear it from others. Some I have yet to share my position with.

    I will do the work this weekend because I have been too many weeks without.

    Timing is everything.

    • Thanks for these words Ang I so get them. It’s hard too when someone who has authority can’t hear you ie… Doctors etc but I’m creative and found another trail 😉

  6. Oh my Goddess!! I feel like you took feelings from my insides and gave them words and a voice! Thank you so much for sharing this. Sending love and light and howling at the blue moon!!

  7. Thank you for sharing! I have felt the same call.

  8. Ahh…Crystal…so much…so very much you have recorded here…too much in fact for me to take in just now…however..
    Bless you, dear…and your sweet soul that sounds so much like mine….
    And…gratitude for sharing both your musings and inner discoveries, and these lovely rituals…oh how I’m yearning for more ritual in my life, so…thank you <3
    I will be drumming this moon and now also holding you in my heart…continue your search, both outside and in…that is the vital one, the inner searches…and these things will manifest…be patient…take great care..

  9. Such perfect timing for this post. Thank you Crystal. I too am cut from the intuitive/empath cloth. For years I hid out with “weird” emotional/spiritual types like me. Then I had a daughter late in life and was thrown into a secular humanist group of parents. They are mostly a lovely bunch of thoughtful caring people but all about the reason & logic. For years I hid emotional/ spiritual nature (read the biggest part of me) in those circles. And with that gave my power & sense of value away. Nearly two years ago I came out of the closet after attending a life changing VisionQuest that reconnected me with women like me. Afterward I felt a newfound appreciation for my nature and became much less interested in fitting in with folks who are not in my tribe. I’m so much freer now.

    Recently the fear of the “reason” judgement came up intensely as I prepared an evening on Mary Magdalene I just gave with a colleague tonight.
    I worked it through as it surfaced & was free by the time this evening occurred.

    And I received a beautiful affirmation from MM herself in a meditation we did to be my Full Self!

    Thank you again Crystal!

    • Blessings to you sister. Yes I have a circle where my soul exudes out, shines like a star. For the everday stuff, dealing with doctors this past two years with bad health issues, me knowing my body and them not listening. Dealing with the law systerms and lies, etc etc. I hit a block a frustration. What a healing process this whole life thing is. It is glorious. Thanks for your post. I love hearing peoples stories too. Amazing stuff!

  10. Dearest Crystal…………………WOW you are working!!!!!

    I just wanted to give you a big hug, and share a poem I wrote in February / March…………………………………………Much much love to you from me.

    My Sisters my sister

    I bid you farewell
    My sisters of silence

    Deep in the chalice
    where shadow dwell

    My sisters my sister
    What serves you well

    Your silent talk
    Has touched my walk
    My memory cord
    Is playing accord

    Now it is slipping away
    I do no longer have to obey

    The reflection of rejection

    My Sisters my sister
    Of silent talk
    This has been my long walk

    In memory of rejection
    Longing for perfection

    I bid your silent worlds farewell
    Where my shadow and chains has dwelled

    Loose at last
    With time going fast

    The comming in the East
    Hold my heart with ease
    Mystery awakes
    The blueprints on my stage

    A long time calling
    Is breaking the wave

    A distant place
    Is showing the way
    Oh how I welcome this newness in me
    Grateful for mirrors and the need to be free

    This distant place in my heart
    Is now functioning as a chart
    I welcome you my sisters
    From silence and shadow dwell
    I hope life will serve you well

    I weave a warp
    The wind in my hair
    from the holy water of my blue tread

    Smiling with Eon in the morning light
    Were shadow is the unknown reflection of my light.

    February/March 2015

    • Janne!!!! Wow your words, sing a song of knowing in my heart!!! Thanks so much Janne! So beautiful. Sooo powerful. Blessings. Miss you!! xo

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