Get un-stuck with this one simple question!

inspirationReady….drum roll please…..drrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr
What inspires you?

What energizes you, motivates you, excites you?  What gets your engines revving?

“Inspiration is a work with a double meaning in English. It denotes both the physical inhalation phase of the breathing cycle and and the metaphysical taking in of spirit or life force.”  (Pg. 103 in the book Bodywise by Joseph Heller and William Henkin).

This is interesting isn’t it!  What inspires us can open us up, free us from our stuckness and rigidities and allow the body to receive and move more breath.  They are intertwined.  So the more inspired we are, the more inspiration we can take in, the more inspiration we have, the more our hearts open, the more our hearts open the more are hips are able to move.  The more free are hips feel, the more we can move out and about in the world.  It all starts with inspiration, that original spark in your heart.  How can we base our lives around this spark and returning to the well of sparks when we feel off or stuck.

As I’ve been struggling with stuckness this month (both boredom and not feeling well physically – and yes they do go hand in hand), I’ve asked myself what gives me inspiration.  What excites me?

-Being outside

-Moving, like exercise or playing outside

-Trying new things.

-Yoga & Spirituality.

-Creation – creating things, this really really inspires me and moves me.

-Creativity is key for me, that is what inspires me.

-Working with wood pieces, refurbishing, moving through death and rebirth in my art.

-Changing up the routine.

-Having variety.

-Coffee shops and mmm,mmm, mmm coffeeeee!!!

-Being around people.

-Talking deeply with someone who can surf the depths of life with me.

So, I notice for me creativity, connection with others and movement, actual physical movement are my top places of inspiration.

So today I had lunch with someone, went for a walk outside, went to a second hand store to browse the used furniture and was around people.  Do you know how I feel???

Great!! Energized!! Inspired!

I’ve broken through a couple blocks and I’ll celebrate that for today.

So for all my peeps who feel the same, I challenge you to do something today that inspires you.  Do something tomorrow that inspires you and the next day and the next day and see how your life changes.

And so it is!!

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3 Comments on “Get un-stuck with this one simple question!

  1. Sitting outside in my yard chatting with my family, friends and dogs.

    Going for a walk in the Forrest.

    Puttering around the house and yard on a beautiful morning and getting stuff done.

    Finding an amazing new connection in work.

    Completing something that has challenged me for awhile.

    Going out in nature on my quad, sled, canoes or Kayaks.

    Going garden raiding at a friends.

    Food with friends.

    Making a meal or cool snack while feeling energetic.

  2. Thank you so much for this blog entry. I have been dealing with the same feeling and being sick and injured. You are so right though about coming back to creativity to recharge.

    • Awesome Christa!! It really is a well of life force energy that creative force and desire within us :). Cheers to our creativity !!

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