June New Moon Energies – Fresh & Focused.

Happy New Moon (One day late lol, good thing it lasts 3 days)focus

This new moon feels fresh, like a new beginning, a new chance, a fresh outlook.  Now that Mercury  is done its’ retrograde, we feel more clear on what to do and where to go.  Our souls wishes are more developed, heightened, calling for action.

During the retrograde I questioned a decision I had made about a new step, a new path, a new course of action.  I had wondered if maybe it were the wrong one and I should abandon it, so I sat with the question and pondered it awhile.  I felt what it felt like to imagine giving it up and what it felt like to keep doing it. My body felt very anxious if I imagined myself walking away from it so I honored the guidance and stayed on the path.  Even though it’s a bit of a challenging path, I can do it and keep going.

I asked the energies for some guidance a few days ago and got the Triumph card.  Here are some luscious gifts from the card.

“The power of your soul is pushing you and nudging you steadily forward.  Whether you’re setting new goals, developing ideas or planning out a journey, it’s essential that it’s carefully thought out.  When you tap into your inner guidance and balance it with self-control, hard work and perseverance, it’s likely to manifest as a triumphant outcome…focus on the end goal.  Visualize the successful results like it were happening now…

Now is not the time to let go or allow the rivers of life to pull you in the current, as you can so easily lose control.  Grab your oars, grip them tightly, and steer carefully toward your highest aim or destination.”

I love that, no more floating along, our fairy wings need some focus, some clear destinations to fly to, not just enjoy the scenery.  It’s time, time to get magical…it’s time to get down and dirty.  The words that keep coming for me are FOCUS, PLAN, and BALANCE.  FOCUS is huge for me right now.  Getting very clear and detailed on where I’m aiming and defining my end goal and giving it all I got to get there.  It’s a bit more of the masculine energy, balance with the guidance of the feminine energy within.

So this moon cycle, make to do lists, keep focused, keep a schedule, plan things out.  What do you want, name it, write about it, tape it up on your fridge so you can see it every day.  My yoga classes I am doing are about focus and stability and building a strong foundation.  Do different things, different ways to get different results.  If you’re used to working at home, go somewhere to work, switch up the energy.

Here are some yoga poses to help you focus…


Enjoy this New Moon and see the fruits of your labour, your focus, start to manifest in the triumph of your goals and soul’s desires.  You are Divine.

And so it is.


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Crystal Tardiff Chagnon

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  1. Good article which really captures the energy of the dark/new moon. Given me some extra focus. Thanks!

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