June Full Moon Ritual for Clarity.

full moon juneThis full moon falls in the sign of Sagittarius, my astrological sign.  It invites in freedom, creativity, curiosity and adventure. We are pursuing freedom, soul freedom and this full moon opens the flood gates on the visions of our dreams.  We have a desperate sense to start doing what the soul needs and wants.  It’s why we’ve come, the inner ache for soul freedom is now piercing.  The call inward is ravenous.

This month in the mercury retrograde has been..ah, well…difficult!!!  Holy crap balls.  My shit has come up and I haven’t wanted to look.  This full moon is spot lighting what I need to look at.  “Go inside and sort through the stuff,” She says.

I’ve felt a bit lost the last while, second guessing some decisions, wondering where I will look and go and do. Should I really keep on and commit to this trail or abandon it and move elsewhere? My trust in myself and the Divine, tested and explored during this moon cycle.  All for the better I must say, the challenge and struggle is making me so uncomfortable I must make changes and take some new actions because in all the swirling uncertainty, I just get frozen and turn away.

So today, this full moon I look.  I was brought to a fun little writing exercise to help me and I invite you to join.


If you’re like me and feeling a bit skiddish, a bit stuck, lost or uncertain and you don’t know why let’s write it out.  Have yourself a little candle light, some smudging or incense and give yourself twenty minutes to tune inward.  Put on some tunes if you’d like and just create a sweet little sacred space for your soul to emerge.

Let your soul out on the page and the inner rapture an opportunity to sort its way out.  Grandmother Moon shall guide you home to clarity as you write.  Set your timers for five minutes each and go, don’t lift that pen til the buzzer goes off.

Moon Musing Writing Challenge #1– Complain it out.  That’s right, have a negative pity party on the paper and whine your way through it.  Go ahead release it.  What’s going on, what is your struggle?  What do you feel, complain about it, complain about how difficult it is and how you feel about what you need to do.  Burst it out on the pages and feel sorry for yourself.  I give you space to do it, it’s really quite freeing.

Moon Musing Writing Challenge #2 –  Now write as though your challenge or problem was a gift and you are so grateful and amused at receiving it.  Write about it the most positive, passionate way you’ve got.  Dig deep and find it. See it through another lens.  When I first started writing, I felt almost this phony bologna voice, but it brought me to the trail.  So rainbow it up on the page and spew out the good stuff about your impasse.  You’ve been blessed by the Divine with this challenge, write about it.

So, what came up??  What new clarity do you have?

Please do comment and share.

Happy Full Moon….And so it is.

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Here are my musings, left in the raw, untouched, poignant and meaty.(no edits)

My Moon Musing #1

I’m fucking stuck.  Life is stupid.  I can’t take it anymore.  I don’t want to fucking write.  I have this thing, this longing, this life force trying to break free from inside of me and I can’t fucking doing it.  I cannot sit and write.  I’m too God damn lazy, unfocused, unwilling.  I don’t want to the work,  I don’t want to work hard.  I don’t want to sit in the summit of intensity, the swirling energies of my soul bashing my insides like a ship fighting against typhoon waves.  I just want to drink and escape it, I’d rather eat my way through the darkness and keep it in there like an angry bomb.  I don’t want to fucking write.  God says it’s why I’ve come.  But why fuck?  Who the fuck am I to God dam say this is what I think and feel and believe.  Hey?  Who the fuck and I? I’m a god dam nobody.  I’ll just go out my days, miserable, bitter, angry that i’ve been put on this Earth to tell you this story and i don’t want to fucking write it.  i don’t want to sit and focus and use that side of my brain and write it.  i just want it fucking out of me, i don’t want to do the work.  Why God?  Why?  Why me?  Why did you place so much on my shoulders?  I don’t want to do your work.

My Moon Musing #2.

I’ve come here to struggle and share.  It is my destiny.  I am a feeler, a god loving, soul embracing, nature addicted motha focka who just feels deeply.  That is my purpose to sit and feel and dive into the depth of Creation.  It’s real hard and it’s really fucking fantastic.  It takes guts, it takes glory and I humbly, and honorably, head your call Goddess/God.  I hear you, you are both feminine and masculine, not male, not female, but a union, a divinity, a sacred love making between him and her, she and him.  You  want me to share and talk about it.  You want me to write down my journey home to the feminine and how I embraced my sacred She, how I became my own love bomb and exploded my soul into my own body.  You want me to share the dance between the clarity imagemind and body, he and she, him and her and weave a brand new way of life.

I hear you, it will take some work on my part, it will take some commitment.  In many ways the writing is the love making between Goddess and God, uniting in spirit and on paper as the vision, the memories, the emotions, the learning move into the physical, and move into form.  I can enjoy like a prayer, a ceremony that is occurring as two worlds blend as they were always meant to.  Writing is a gift, a sacred weaver between the forms, the magic stick in the portal between both worlds.  I, a Metis woman, get to blend two worlds.  How auspicious, how fucking spectacular that I get to be a new age witch and use my pen as my cauldron, brewing up new expressions of eon old truths.  How wonderful that I get to be a magic fairy, sprinkling star dust onto modern day problems so we can see them as soul loss issues.  I’m one bad-ass shamaness.  I get to roll around in play in between the worlds, spewing out soul expressions like firecrackers into the world.  I don’t need to torment myself about what others think for they are my sparklers, they are my truths and all i gotta do is share them.  If they embrace them great, i’m honored, i’m humbled, but in the end it is me, my sharing, my expressing, my stance, right here in the sand and the mud that counts.  It is my learning that my soul song is my purpose.  I get to have a say, i get to share and my eccentric, soul seeing, god loving views deserve my expression, simply for myself. I have a right to my own voice, my own way of being in the world.  I have a right to express my soul to my fullest capacity.   I’ve been impregnated with a song and my purpose is to sing it on the paper.  I’ve had to go through the mazes, find the keys, swim the oceans, climb the trees, dig the holes, and crawl my way through my control addicted mind, just to remember the song.  I feel it burning a hole in my guts, it has lit on fire, it wants to burst out on the paper.  What an exciting, glorious time, it is getting birthed, it is in the birth canal and my soul is in labour.  A new life awaits the birth.  How bloody exciting!  How lucky am I?

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7 Comments on “June Full Moon Ritual for Clarity.

  1. Be a muse to me. I feel inspired to keep being self aware and self forgiving. I love being raw, clumsy, and unfiltered as well as organized, graceful, and serene; it’s all part of the dance.

    • Lovely Emily. Ahhhh the sacred dance !!! :). Thanks it commenting so glad you’re inspired. Your healing heals us all 🙂

  2. You just said everything I feel! Thank you for having the courage to spew the ugly and remain true to who you are… Blessings sister!

  3. I love everything about this!! Blessings to you for inspiring the new energy coursing through my being!!

  4. Thank you so much for sharing this….this is exactly where I am and realizing that the trama I am in is for a reason, a learning, an unlocking of a big lock in my life and it sucks but it is for such good. Thank you for your bravery!

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