May’s Full Moon Ritual – Forward and Onward.

moonmayThe Full Moon is fast approaching, on Sunday May 3.  I thought I’d write a couple days early to allow us some prep time for a glorious, celebratory ritual.

So here we go…..

I started the New Moon in inertia, stuckness and overwhelm.  It kept showing up as a re-occurring infection because I wasn’t sitting with the discomfort.  I wasn’t sitting in the stuckness so I could weave my way out of it.  After much dancing, yoga, and movement meditations as part of my commitment to unwind out of stuckness eventually clarity came and danced on my shoulder.  She whispered to me and allowed me to see a much clearer direction and path to take.  I’ve been stuck at the fork in the road for awhile now, wondering, “Should I go this way or that way?” and instead just stood still in non-decision and getting side tracked by anything that would pull me out of the awareness of where I stood. 

I prayed and committed for weeks now for guidance and nowthe time has come to start trekking along and I was happy to discover that really, there are no wrong roads.  We will always be lead back to our path and sometimes we take the longer loop there because we needed to gather more lessens.

This moon for me has been a lesson in my own authority, feeling confident in myself and my dream and really fully believing in it.  I have been making clear and marked choices towards my soul’s call this time 100% not half assed or half confident but full fledged two feet in and going for it.  I have been making active decisions, paying active attention, DOING THE WORK.  I haven’t stood back and waited to be guided, I took steps and allowed the trail to guide me with each step.  

As Danielle Laporte says, “Worship Your Dream”.  Believe in it like no other, believe in being of service to the universe, it’s not really about you but about the universe.  When I got out of my own way the universe spoke to me and whispered what to do when I took myself out to lunch and as soon as I heard it I knew what trail to take.  It’s no holds bar all in.  Finally!  I finally have inner union.

Feel your dream fully, un-apologetically, meaningfully, full of full blown belief in yourself and your life plan.  Feel it in your bones, feel it in your blood like shining diamonds of confidence and radiant sparkle as you see yourself doing your dream, believing in your dream.  You are being guided by the cosmos and they are weaving a trail in front of you.  All you have to do is walk upon it and be led. Walk on forward with no more fucking fear!  Choose to let your heart lead you into bliss, into your fullest expression and just BELIEVE in the steps there one by one. Will there be some challenge…fuck ya! But we walk on never doubting ourselves, just holding our dreams in our vision with certainty and walk on.

Full Moon Celebration – Honoring Forward Movementforward and onward

On this full moon let’s celebrate what feels like an acceleration, a real movement forward…alas!! We have gone through the ringer, endured much, built our strength and character, moved mountains and have stood stuck at the rushing river of the unknown.  We stood stuck on one side of it unknowing how to cross.  So we sat and we sat, contemplating, gathering information and ideas, watching it to see how it flowed.  Some days we turned away from it because we didn’t want to look or see what we have to cross, so we went and played and distracted.  It’s all good, it allowed us room to fill up and gather strength.  Now we start the trek across, we will get there because we believe in ourselves to get to the other side of the stream…right?


So allow the universe and this glorious Grandmother Full Moon to illuminate and shine brightly on your growth, your momentum and the manifestation of your soul’s glory in form.

Gather some  pieces of paper or cut out words or images from magazines that symbolize your trail ahead.  Write down how you plan to keep trekking forward.  What are you going to keep doing til the end of this moon cycle and into the next to move into the form of manifestation of your soul’s expression?  

Take your papers and read them out loud.  Express to the Universe Divine and Grandmother Moon how you plan to keep moving forward, your vision, the plan, the steps, an your ultimate goal.  Express your dream and allow whatever comes to you.  As you read each paper release them into the wind.  Let the wind help you move and carry your dreams forward and onward.  And so it is .

Lastly write yourself a letter expressing your strength and ability to endure the unknown as part of the process to make it known.  Express all the good you have done for yourself even if is that you simply did not give up or you did yoga or you didn’t have a glass of wine to disconnect even when you really wanted to.  Make this a gratitude list for yourself about yourself.  What are you grateful for about you, your soul, your character, your traits, your heart, your creativity, your gentleness, your thoughtfulness in your life and in the lives of others?  Own it!  Absorb it and allow it to grow your light!  You have done bloody great, own it, celebrate and raise your glass to yourself.

Cheers to your glory and even your dark!

And so it is!

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5 Comments on “May’s Full Moon Ritual – Forward and Onward.

  1. My spirit resonates so much with your words and ritual ideas. Thank you for helping me open.

  2. Today i am grateful for you. The words you wrote spoke volumes to me..thank u

  3. Again, we are in sync my friend! This past week has brought gigantic forward movement & I looked up at the moon last night and felt very close to her. Yes, like you, I’ve definitely done the spiritual work! And now things – actual physical things – and the right people and more are coming to me effortlessly (well almost effortlessly!). Thank you for sharing your progress. Isn’t it lovely to know we’re not alone?
    Blessings to you as you continue down your special, unique path to your dreams…
    Ms. Marsha

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