A Cup of Tea as we semi-Haiku!

writing moonToday, just be where you are.  What is occurring? Witness it…write about just as below, in a couple sentences stretched into “poetry”.  Just let the now…the is…the being… float into you like the wind. Allow it to howl out through the screen and into your life.

Just for today write a poem or a couple sentence like below about your present moment. Have a cup and tea and Haiku it out 😉 Enjoy!

Be exactly where you are

You’re perfectly in place in the imperfect

In the still forging,

You are in the elixir.

the mixing of ingredients and

are exactly where you need to be.

Allow discomfort, grace, space,

and more discomfort

Allow it to float in and be as it is.

It is life, witness it all

breathe it in

and above all,

just let it be.

And so it is.




Day 22 of 30.  Woot woot.

2 Comments on “A Cup of Tea as we semi-Haiku!

  1. Desire is burning brightly

    As I sit and try to focus on

    Nothing and simply be

    The wave of slumber hits me

    I am thrilled at the thought

    To climb under the covers

    And let my

    Mind go

    to the places it hasn’t been yet today

    To desire

    To dream

    And affirm

    My being

    And my desires

    So beautiful.

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