A Movement Meditation to Break Out of Stuckness.

breaking freeMy friends,

I’m so sorry I haven’t posted in the last two days.  I’ve been down and out in illness.  But let’s get real, I’ve been down and out in stuckness, inertia and self-sabotage and it manifested itself as a re-occurring infection.  I literally had no voice yesterday.

So here I am playing witness to my addiction to sabotage through inertia, stuckness and avoidance of going into the depths of discomfort.  I have avoided being witness and experiencing the nitty gritty yuckiness.  It’s fucking heavy so I ran…

I’m stuck on something, at a cross-roads and in my indecisiveness, my doubt, my non knowing, I ran from the spot and into distraction and avoided standing in the grapples of stuckness and uncertainty.  So part of living truly, wildly, freely and even lusciously is to honor the tough spots, the dark spots, the wounded spots that still show up.  They show up to burn away, to release so you may and I may be more and more light.

So today I spend my day in the muck, in the twisted ropes of stuckness and learn to move the energy and twist out of it.  I do it by listening to it, holding it, honoring it’s message.  I draw what the energy feels like in my body, dark , squiggly, lightning bolts in my lungs.  Heavy with frustration, anger, even grief that I have not tended to this place of stuckness.  It’s a big one.  What about you?

Break Out of Stuckness Movement Meditation:

I also invite you to a movement meditation.  This is a meditation where we are opening the heart chakra, well all the chakras really, but really in the heart area.  Listen to the song Bulletproof/Titanium below and just close your eyes.  Use arms to push away the stuck energy, even untwist the knots, remove the stuckness, uncloak the inertia and just expand and open your energy.  Push your aura out from every angle,  Take almost impossible steps forward with your heavy, dense legs and break free. Slowly let go of the heavy, metal armour of self-doubt and uncertainty and see how your fluidity returns as you expand and move your energy.   Stomp your feet on the ground with the beat, awakening your root chakra, and your ability to step foot in where you are and move.  Let you body move you, guide you out release you out of the guck. Enjoy this, like an inner spiritual massage by moving your body.  Let your body’s wisdom of inner knowing and intuition move you out of stuckness.  Witness what thoughts and new awareness emerges. Shake, move, expand and release.


Please do share you experiences.

May we find fluidity, movement and confident steps forward.  May we take action.

And so it is.

Blessings, light and warmth.

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Picture Source :http://crazygirl44.deviantart.com/art/Breaking-Free-440861568

2 Comments on “A Movement Meditation to Break Out of Stuckness.

  1. I understand stuckness. I’ve been dealing with my own version of it. Wanting so badly to move forward with what I know I’m suppose to do, but so many obstacles that I get frustrated & feel “stuck.” Restless.
    Today was the first beautiful day in many days. Flooding rain, which only heightens the since of this issue – what is stuck, if not in the mud?!
    But today the sky opened up, the clouds parted, the sun was shing on the new spring green and I was reminded that all storms are temporary. External and internal ~ if we LET them be temporary and don’t hold on to them.
    So today I said YES to the Universe ~ YES to miracles ~ YES to being happy no matter what the e tern all situation is.
    God bless you and yours, Chrystal,
    Ms. Marsha

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