Laboring Through the Old and New – Writing Prompts.

writing promptLately I’ve been feeling caught in the muck, moving through the cleansing, releasing and emotional work of the endings I set forth at the Full Moon and Lunar eclipse.  My body is literally cleansing itself out with a bad chest cold.  The old energy is releasing, pouring out into the Kleenex and out of my life for good.  I typically get chest colds because a lot of my work is heart chakra work and throat work.  My throat gets sore first, then it moves to my lungs.  A loss of voice or a blockage of expression or an absence of emotional release and boom…illness.  My energy is strong, potent and I know I must work with it, honor it, listen to it as a soulful guide to my life map and release it out.

But…I get busy or I don’t want to cause you know… it’s a lot work and effort.  I throw myself a pity party and whine, “Why do I have to work so hard at this and nobody else seems to?”  Wah, wah, wah….and my body smacks me around for it every time.  Poor poor me….not!  Get over myself already.  I’m a feeler, an energy mover, an aliveness shaker it’s what I was born to be and do.

When shall I learn….hehe?  Now, I suppose!

So today we release to guck, the goo, the snot, the emotional stuff out as part of our wildly, soulful, luscious living plan.  We must, there is no if, and’s or buts about it.  I feel like something new is crowning, just about to be born and the excitement and uncertainty of parenting this new life project out into the world is big, big stuff.  Life changing, am I ready?  Are you ready? Is this fully what we want?  Is the old sabotage game going to rear its’ ugly head or are we going to do this?!  Let’s get our feet in the foot straps and start pushing it out, we are in active labour.

So move with the labour pains and express it out on the pages….

Writing Prompts. – Labouring through the Old and New.birth-nest

What am I feeling?

What are my feelings trying to tell me?

What is energy is emerging…birthing?

What’s its’ name?  How does it want to be expressed?

What form is it?

What does this new energy want me to know and need from me to feel supported to come into life?

Play around and write out what comes, put your timers on for 5 minutes and free flow for each question!

Doodle on the page, name it out, ooze it out, begin to push and see what comes!!

This is Day 14 of 30 in the Wildly, Luscious, Soulful Living Challenge.

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And so it is!



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10 Comments on “Laboring Through the Old and New – Writing Prompts.

  1. One of the most wonderful revelations I’ve had over the last several years is how VERY important it is to listen to how we feel. Our emotions are the barometer to our souls. If we aren’t feeling positive, joyful, full of our fantastic selves, then we must change our thoughts. Thoughts, like words, are more powerful than we can imagine. They have an actual vibration. It was such a feeling of freedom to realize I had control over my emotions ~ but I had to slow down enough to feel them…. 🌾

    • Totally agree my emotions are conduit and barometer as you name( love that). I just get lazy lol and it isn’t part of our teachings growing up to tend to the emotional as much as everything else is it?? One of the list feminine teachings but we are doing great finding our way home to them as guide sticks in our life aren’t we 🙂

      • Yes we are! I very well remember being discouraged to “trust my emotions.” Now I know how important it IS to trust my emotions. They are the key!

  2. Wow Cris! This really hit home! Yellow Rose. Was thinking and wrote about the care a new baby needs especially the first 100 days. This where all the purity and great care is given to a new life. What if we put that care into what is being born in our spirit during this time? What would that look like? How would it feel different?

  3. Just got another idea. Take a picture of the image you wrote about and add it to your phone’s lock screen that way you will likely be reminded of that care 30+ times a day.

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