Today’s Challenge – Find 13 Extraordinary Moments in the Ordinary.

coffee2Howdy folks.  Today we are on day 12 of the 30 Day Wildly, Luscious, Soulful Living Challenge.  Woooohooooo.  How we feeling??

Today’s Challenge: 

Today we find 13 extra-ordinary things in the ordinary.  It was inspired by an article by author Geneen Roth which is linked below.  Do read it 🙂  

“Walking. Being barefoot. The fact of night. Stars. Salamanders. A sip of tea. A bite of chocolate. My husband’s face. The ordinary things we pass by on the way to wherever it is we think we will finally be able to relax—and enjoy the ordinary things,” writes Geneen Roth in her article.

Today’s exercises is really enjoying the moment, embracing, loving and squeezing in the juices of what is right around you, even if you are seeking something better or bigger.

She goes on to write, “It turns out that the true extraordinary isn’t reserved for special people or big achievements or red-carpet-moments. It’s extraordinary to write a book, and it’s extraordinary to eat a grilled cheese sandwich with tomatoes and mustard. It’s extraordinary to meet a famous person, and it’s extraordinary to meet the eyes of a grocery store cashier.”

I’m pushing us to do 13 moments because I want you to do it throughout the day, not just do it and get it done.  There are extra-ordinary moments every day, all day long.  We just need to invite ourselves to the party to see them!  You need to believe in magic, for magic to show up.  You need to open your loving, grateful heart and absorb all the wonder around you if you want to feel wonderful.

So take some pics and post them on the Women’s Tribe Facebook Page or Feed Your Feminine Soul Group Page.  Tell me about your extra-ordinary moments experience in the ordinary facets of our lives. I want to hear them.  I will share mine with you.  Sign-up to receive the emails for daily doses of connecting of wildly, luscious soul.

At the end of the day reflect and write on any new awareness this exercise brought you? What did you learn?

This article by Geneen Roth was the inspiration for today’s challenge. Click on it, read it, enjoy it!!  it’s so luscious.

6 Comments on “Today’s Challenge – Find 13 Extraordinary Moments in the Ordinary.

  1. Looking out at the sky when I first wake up. Snuggling under the blankets for just a moment longer. Being held by my hubby. Taking that first sip of coffee in the AM. Eating my favorite nut butters. Hearing the birds chirp outside my window. Taking deep breaths. The smell of food cooking. Hot showers. skin on skin contact. A hug. Planning my wedding. Nature walks.

    Such an inspiring post! Thank you for the reminder of all the sacredness in everyday moments. Blessed be.

  2. better late than never….. A visit with my grandpa, a snuggle with my little peanut, a hug from my 15 yr old son, dinner with my family, planting seeds to watch grow with my little one, planning my next big adventure, looking out at the beautiful nature I am surrounded by, a chat on the phone with my mom, a smile from my husband, my dogs wagging tail when I get home, enjoying a cup of coffee, getting my closet organized, and just taking a deep breath of fresh country air. 🙂

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