How Tackling the To-Do List can lead to Spiritual Freedom.

to doToday is a day we get sh!t done.  Yup that’s right, I said it.  Part of getting wildly free in the soul department is tending to the physical world shtuff!  We must take care of the “to-dos” and “I’ll get to” list so we can feel totally free and open, wings expanded to maximum capacity.  When we don’t there are restrictions that form in the body.  Even though we may not notice the effects of neglecting some of our responsibilities, we feel it. There’s tension, tightness and stress in the body.

Too much freedom with no planning, no form, no structure turns into inertia.  Too much rigidity, planning, living by the to do list also equals soul stuckness.  The goal is a sacred balance.  Lynn Andrews, one of my teachers always says, “me must learn to walk with one foot in the spiritual world and one foot in the physical world.”  That perhaps is the goal, the giant puzzle piece of this lifetime, isn’t it?!  That is an art form in and of itself.

I have paper work I’ve been putting off and off and it’s time I buckle down and do it.  I’m a sky high dreamer with big visions and coming down to the physical, sometimes mundane stuff for me is a real challenge.  But I’m learning to shift the thought that tending to the physical, less exciting stuff (at least to me), actually frees me up and gives me greater soaring ability.  I get more soul flying play time when I take care of the stuff.

When we have goals and new visions as many of us do during this astrological time, we need to plan out the steps.  We need to send out applications, resumes, grant requests, gather ingredients, research and gather the tools we need to get to the goal.  We must begin to walk the path, not just envision but start moving it forward in our physical world reality.  We are taking the dream and starting to build it, one Popsicle stick at a time.  This is a slower, denser energy and as a song bird sailing her wings freely in the bright blue sky, this sometimes is uncomfortable.  We need to stretch out our patience muscles and simply focus on step at a time.

What if we seen the less than fun, sometimes mundane to do list and necessary life tasks as though it were like setting up a sacred site before the ceremony.   It is like prepping the land and building the lodge before the big sweat ceremony. This is just as important as the ceremony itself.  It can not happen without these sacred steps and tasks before hand.  It is like a prayer, a ritual before the ritual.  Nothing can happen without these first steps, these necessary preparations that sometimes last days before the big event.

Prepping the Land of Your Life – Sacred Taskprepping land

So what have you been putting off?

What are 2 tasks you need to do to really start moving forward on your soul path in the physical world?  Name them and just start them today.  No if, and’s or buts, its time.   Just sit and start and see where you get.

Can you approach the fine details with sacred intent, knowing you are prepping your reality for your soul dream to emerge? You are prepping the land of your life so your highest dream and soul expression can be called in with ease and gentleness. Your purpose needs a solid platform and foundation on which it can be built.  Start laying the first few bricks today!

Let’s start building by picking up the to-do list and checking off a box or two my wild song bird friends. 🙂

Share and your commitments and sacred preparations aka to do’s for today on the Women’s Tribe FB Page or Feed Your Feminine Soul Page.



This is day 11 of the 30 Day Wildly, Luscious, Soulful Living Challenge.  Join the Challenge anytime 🙂

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  1. Didn’t post but tackled both of my to do tasks on Monday and got them done! Did the filing I had been putting off forever, and cleaned up and organized my sunroom!

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