4 Rebirth & Renewal Rituals for the Whole Family on this Holiday Weekend

easter rebirthHappy Easter or Passover to you all.  Whatever your celebrations on this day, may we enjoy connections with family and a conscious attention to the celebration of rebirth and renewal.  Particularly after last night’s full moon and the lunar eclipse that led us to endings and releasing, today feels like a good time to honor and celebrate renewal, rebirth and new life.

Many of us will be celebrating with luscious lunches or dinners with family and friends today.  And in the spirit of us can we invite them into a rebirth/renewal ritual?  Give it whirl, even if you end up being the fun, quirky, wonderfully weird family member.  Why not own it, right?!

Rebirth and New Beginning Rituals for the Whole Family :

1)  Egg Decorating – This one is old school.  Do you remember doing this as kids?  It’s fun, it’s colorful and it’s symbolic.  Eggs are about fertilization, rebirth, renewal of life.  We can also write our new beginning intentions and wishes on the eggs and share them as a family.

2)  A Drink of Renewal & Rebirth -Make a large jug of Spring Renewal water.   Find a nice jug, fill it with sparkling or spring water and add lemons, cucumbers, even drinkable essential oils. Maybe add in some mint leaves or what ever you wish. Perhaps it’s simply some sparkling water with lemons.  It doesn’t need to be elaborate, just water floats your boat.  Rub your hands together and send in the love and warmth of all of life, family, love and friendships invoking some magic into the water.  Have each member of your family fill a small amount of water in a glass and go around the table sharing our wishes and goals for this time of rebirth and renewal.  At the end, cheers and drink the Sacred Water.

3)  Something New Game –  Have each family member write on a piece of paper something new they’d like to try or do during this spring season.  Put the papers in a hat and read aloud. You can guess who said what or simply enjoy the intentions shared.

4)  Rebirth & Renewal Scavenger Hunt.  For today, even it is simply your own day of reflection, renewal and gratitude, take a minute to enjoy the magic.  Think of how the yellow grass, lying dormant all winter survived to be reborn again.   Soak in the sun as it hits the sleeping trees who will sprout new buds, new leaves, new life, even after being hit with winds and snow well below the freezing mark for months. Life rises again and again, in many ways death is just an ending of cycle so a new one can be born again.  There is continual change, fluctuations of forms, and new ways of life and resurrection occurring at all times. Life and death are dancing their sacred dance of renewal, rebirth and new life everywhere.  Where can you see? Take some pictures, make a challenge out of it with your family.  How many places can they see new life, rebirth and renewal happening?  Make it a challenge, a hunt for the Sacred Dance.  Gather and share your pics.  Who found the most?

Happy Easter, Passover and Day of Enjoying the Magic of Renewal and Rebirth.

Blessings to all!


Crystal Tardiff Chagnon

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