A Full Moon Ceremony for the Eclipse – A Letting Go Ritual…

releasing moonHappy Full Moon & Lunar Eclipse!!  Are you ready??? Here we goooooo…….

This full moon and eclipse are interesting.  There’s a lot of intense energies brewing.  Lunar eclipses are about endings and release.  We have started to set in motion new energies and new beginning with the solar eclipse and new moon a couple weeks ago and now we are asked to release.  Release something of the old…an old habit, an old thought, an old way of doing something.  It’s a final clearing, a good-bye for the long haul, a release…

Perhaps it finally loses our grip on us because we see it differently or finally see the ridiculousness of how and why we’ve convinced ourselves to hold on to it in our lives for so long.   In Manitoba, we thought spring had finally sprung and another sprinkling of the white stuff came and snowed on our parade.  And yet, I feel it so symbolic with the full moon.  It’s like one final visit, one final hoorah of the old ways showing up in our face.  One final un-welcomed surprise and discomfort in the cold to really ignite and fire up our deep desire for lasting change and release.

So what is it you’d like to let go of on this Full Moon and lunar eclipse?

Full Moon Ceremony – Release it out!letting go3

Today or tonight we shall ceremony in honor of this full moon.  We release what no longer serves us.

Gather your friends and/or family.  Light some candles and some incense.  Have everyone write out what they are releasing and why on a piece of paper.  Ask yourselves and write the following…

-when did the old come into your life?

-what have been the gifts of its presence if your life?

– what has life been like living with this part of the old shadow self?  What have been the struggles?

– Why do you want to release this?

– Express a goodbye.

Why are you done and breaking up with this part of the old shadow, the wounded ways of being and acting out?  Say good-bye, wish it well but you are done.  You are parting ways.  A death and rebirth cycle is at hand.  It’s a shedding, like a snake losing it’s skin.

When you are done, read allowed your paper and burn it.  Release it to the Earth Mother or the wind as they will transform the old energies into new life.  Close the energy of the ceremony by sprinkling some salt, tobacco or cornmeal on the ground and blow out the candles. Thank the Earth Mother, Grandmother Moon and the Universe at large for being witness and support for you during this ceremony.  And so it is…

I feel the need to buy a little plant to honor this death, and rebirth process.  That it symbolizes my release of an old stuck habit and start fresh, new and re-birthed committing myself and my path fully.  Join me in this if you wish 🙂

A final thought on this Full Moon…

I pulled two cards from two different decks and wouldn’t you know it they were both called Intuition.  It was funny because I pulled the second card because I wasn’t sure the first one really fit.  I started doubting and using my mind and logic and not my regular inner ways of knowing.  As I sat and reflected I chuckle how even my process of doubt is mirrored in their message.

Even in releasing once and for all this old way, this old crutch, this old pattern on this full moon, I kept re-turning to it when I allowed my mind to reason or trick me out of my knowing.  I would rationalize my way back to the old and not hold true to my inner knowing or true inner need.  It was easier to do the old way than to form a new pattern and new route.  So here we go, down this new road on this full moon and eclipse.  No more looping and circling down the old, shadowy roads.

I leave you with the Intuition card message from Lynn Andrews Power Deck.

” From the left side of your body comes your female energy, whether you are a man or woman.  Within this femaleness, this feminine consciousness, lives your intuition.  Intuition is the intelligence of your body-mind.  You feel what is true with your body-mind, rather that know what is true with your mind.  Intuition doesn’t have clouds of accumulated knowledge to distort your vision.  Intuition simply sees what is the truth.  Within intuition you can feel the source of your being without reasoning it away and being filled with doubt.  Doubt destroys your intuition.  Find your power always in balance between mind and intuition.”

This is Day 9 or the Day Wildly, Luscious, Soulful Living Challenge.  (Yup I took a day off yesterday teehee as I had many family commitments on the holiday but enjoyed them immensely).

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  1. So grateful for your heartfelt and Spirit filled messages. Rituals are the body of our Spirit practice, thank you for these simple, powerful, doable actions to fill our souls and commune with our Spirit. MJ

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